23 July 2014

Ginger Wildheart - G.A.S.S. Month 3

Month 3 of Ginger’s Year-long project has been released and, once again, features three brand new songs and two old unreleased or demo songs. I’ve been so slow getting round to reviewing this that it’s almost time for Month 4. How time flies for a lazy man.

Of all the songs released through G.A.S.S., I’d say these five were the most eclectic set of songs so far. Everyone is different to the other four. There’s also echoes of older songs in some of them too but more of that as I get to them.

The first song, and lead track, What Would Henry Rollins Do? is a spiteful diatribe against an unnamed person and what Ginger should do about their situation. Towards the end of the song it deals more with what happened when Ginger contacted Henry Rollins about guest vocals on the song. Henry’s response was clear, concise and pointedly negative.

Whilst the majority of the song is driving punk, the verses are snarling, ranting, spoken word, similar to How I Survived The Punk Wars off of his Hey! Hello! album. In fact, the melodies of both songs’ verses are almost the same, different words obviously but very similar flow.
After the first couple of listens I wasn’t mad struck on this song at all and thought it was one of Ginger’s weaker songs but, as I’ve been singing the chorus all week, that probably isn’t the case.

The second song,Do You?, is a no-frills, mid-paced rock song about depression and suicide. It sounds surprisingly upbeat for such matter and the falsetto chorus is nicely infectious. It’s a typical Ginger song that needs a few listens to really appreciate.
Petite Morte (There seems to be some confusion over the spelling of both words) is the final song and features Yolanda Quartey (from Bristolian Country band, Phantom Limb) on lead vocals. It’s a beautiful song regarding the death of a husband and father. Yolanda’s vocals are warm, powerful and emotional. The song is really sad and inspiring in equal parts and will squeeze a tear or two out of you if you aren’t careful.

The first of the unreleased songs is a song that was originally written by Ginger with the intent of Alice Cooper recording it, though that never happened it’s called Friction In My System and  sounds exactly like it should be sung by Alice Cooper. It also actually reminds me of early Wildhearts stuff. It’s incredibly cheesy but all the more fun for it.
As this song was never used, I guess Ginger thought he may as well get some use out if it because the man guitar line also cropped up in Bulb from Valor Del Corazon.

The final song is Patience & Gratitude; it’s a mostly instrumental psychedelic piece that sounds like the theme of some trippy cartoon from the 70’s or 80’s. Towards the end there are some nice gang vocals that repeat the same two lines to good effect. It has a twangly little tune running through it that has, again, since been reused, this time as the melody in the verses of That’s A Nasty Habit You’ve Got There (from the first Month of G.A.S.S.).
I can see why it was never included on anything as t’s hard to see where it would fit. It’s an interesting song all the same.

Whilst there has been better songs in previous months, as a whole I think thiis is probably the best month so far in the G.A.S.S. project and I’m really looking forward to the next batch (Which isn’t that far away now, thanks to my tardiness).

4 out of 5 – This is really good, just short of perfect

Best Track: Petite Morte

There is actually a video for one of the songs on Youtube this month, however I'm not going to bother posting that. Instead here's a video by Phantom Limb. It's the title track from their last album The Pines.

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