7 June 2014

Ginger Wildheart - G.A.S.S. Month 2

So month two of Ginger’s fancy fan club project, G.A.S.S, has been published and among all the various goodies are five new tracks that I’ll be reviewing today. If I go into the back story of this every month, you’re going to enjoy reading it even less than I’ll enjoy writing it so I’ll post a link to the previous release and, in coming months, assume you know what I'm on about.

Again, it comprises five songs: Three brand new ones, one unreleased song and a demo. The three new songs are completely different to the previous trio, whereas they were all very much rock based, these three are much more laid back and relaxed.

The first song El Mundo (Slow Fatigue) is the most uptempo track of the three. It’s a joyous, horn-driven song that sounds like a 70's style glam rock thing, like something Slade or Wizzard might have done while they were waiting for Christmas to come around again. Lyrically it’s about world weariness and nowhere near as jolly as the foot tapping tune might suggest.

Hellbound has an Indie-Pop/Country feel to it. There’s maybe a little bit of shoegaze in there too. It’s perhaps a bit longer than it needs to be but it’s a nice, love song and the closing fade out with Ginger singing “As the storm approaches there’s a safety in your arms” is lovely.

The final song, King Rat is the slowest of the three and has echoes of The Wildhearts’ song Sky Chaser High 50's greaser balladry. It’s about the way music can change your life as a teenager and how certain musicians can change the way you perceive music. Ginger had that effect on me when I was 19. The King Rat of the title is apparently Peppi Marchello of The Good Rats. Unfortunately Peppi died early last year so King Rat serves as a fitting tribute to him.

All three songs were initially disappointing but after repeated listens they all seemed to ingrain themselves into my brain and now I think they’re at least as good as the previous three, just less immediate.

The previously unreleased You Are The Light is more of a straight forward, mid-tempo rock song, with a chorus that wouldn’t be out of place on a Journey album. Much like Ice from the first month, it sorely needs a full production and proper release because it’s not a bad little song, a little bit fist grabby but not enough to be trite and mawkish.

The demo version of How I Survived The Punk Wars isn’t a whole lot different from the final version from the Hey! Hello! album though the quality is inferior and there’s no sign of Victoria Liedtke’s vocals here. As You Are The Light shares similarities with Ice, so too does …Punk Wars with The Jackson Whites, the demo released last month. It’s interesting to see a song as a work in progress but it’s hardly essential listening.

4 out of 5 – This is really good, just short of perfect

Best Track: King Rat

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                                            In memory of  Peppi Marchello - 1945 - 2013

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