16 May 2014

Ginger Wildheart - G.A.S.S. Month 1

The full history and back story of Ginger Wildheart should be well known to any long term readers of this blog for his myriad works, both solo and with The Wildhearts, have been covered at length previously. For those that don’t know much, start HERE and go from there.

Gingers' latest project is called G.A.S.S or Ginger Associated Secret Society. It’s essentially a year long fan club with several perks depending on the tier you pay for. The basic package includes podcasts, diaries and blogs from Ginger, a private forum and a few other bits and pieces. The main reason that I signed up for, and the focus of this post, is the music. Each month, the plan is to release three brand new songs, totalling 36 over the full year. There’s also going to be a selection of rare tracks and demo versions offered up too. MY plan is to review all these songs month by month as they’re released. We’ll see how it goes.

Bar a few guest backing vocals and keyboards, Ginger has done all of the vocals and instrumentation himself, as much for ease as anything. Still, a fair achievement. Whether this will be the norm throughout the project I don’t know but would assume so.

 The first of the three new songs is Everything. It’s a typical, Ginger song, melodic and bouncy. The main guitar line of the song has a 70’s twang about it that reminds me of ABBA a little bit. Not that the song itself sounds much like ABBA obviously. The main gist of the song is 'Been there, done that, now all I want is love'. Awwww.

Next is my personal favourite of the three, That’s A Nasty Habit You’ve Got There. I first took it to be a song about drugs but after listening to the song it seems to be about an unpleasant lady. It’s another mid-paced, upbeat rock song and the main verse melody has a lovely celtic folk feel to it. The chorus is infectious and very nod along.

The final song is Bloody Knees which is more off-kilter than the previous songs. It mixes the trippy proggness of Cardiacs with some rolling riffs that are reminiscent of Devin Townsend’s melodic Prog Metal. It swoops all over the place, from stop start riffs, multi layered vocals, to a quiet interlude and a cacophonous breakdown towards the end.

While all three songs aren’t perhaps the pinnacle of Ginger’s musical output they’re all well above average and an exciting taste of what’s to come in the next 11 months.

Ginger Wildheart
This month there are two demo’s available Ice and The Jackson Whites. Ice was intended for use in a movie soundtrack but ultimately rejected. It’s a fun Pop Rock song that has some nice synthpoppy keyboards in the chorus. I’d like to see this get properly recorded at some point because it’s a great song.

The Jackson Whites isn’t too much different from the original (the opening song on The Wildhearts’ 2009 album Chutzpah!). The quality is poorer obviously and the tuning has been changed, it’s interesting to see the progress of the song, I guess. If anything, the demo version is slightly heavier than the final version.

4 out of 5 - This is really good, just short of perfect

Best Track: That’s A Nasty Habit You’ve Got There

The only place to do anything with these songs is to signup for G.A.S.S

There’s no videos of these songs as yet so here’s one from 555% instead.

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