20 May 2014

Fishbone - Crazy Glue

Well, whilst I am on a roll.....

This is the latest thing on Spotify that the band have released; they have just dropped Intrinsically Intertwined in the last few weeks and I hope to get a copy at the show before putting a review of it up once purchased.  Until then I will look at their last EP.  This was released back in 2011 and features a much different line up to those original crazy days.  Only three members of the original line up are still in the band (with one of those members being a returning member as well), but Fishbone are not known for hiring slackers.  It might be a different set of members, but it is still time to jump into the mix!

Starting off with the title track "Crazy Glue" is a very relaxed introduction to this EP, much more in the ska/reggae corner of the band's back catalogue.  It is a slow and funky moment which is not quick to release the magic that is underneath.  Upon repeated listens, it improves and the subtle hooks begin to take hold; this is a very gentle and clever opening track.  "Flutterbutter" is next, the song begins like an Indian summer with a sitar playing in the back ground and the heavy bass is thumping on the song. It is a great moment and a worthy addition to the Fishbone discography.  "Deep Shit Backstroke" however I am afraid to say, not so much so to be honest.  It is ok, but ok is not enough from Fishbone; it does nothing for the EP apart from the ever present guitar solo which saves the song.

"DUI Friday" brings everything back on course with the funky brass section, ska guitar, keys the make you want to dance and bass playing that would charm the devil back to heaven or an angel to hell.  This is massively fun and makes the man smile like a Cheshire cat.  "Akkafoo" is heavier on the fun side of the Fishbone experience and it has a fast frantic pace, something that was missing on the messy "Deep Shit Backstroke".  "Gittin' In That Ass" is the track of the EP, the strange and crazy riff at the beginning and then the metal is mixed that ska and funk to such a perfect degree.  It just makes you want to jump around and the madness is truly infectious.  Ending the album is "Weed, Beer, Cigarettes" which continues the funk metal combination and ends the EP in a completely different fashion to how it began.

As an EP, it shows that Fishbone have not lost their creative edge at all. They continue to bring their "A" game to the world, it might always work ("Deep Shit Backstroke" for instance), but they have some great moments on here in the form of "Crazy Glue" and "Gittin' In That Ass".  The overall tone of this EP is that the band have never given in, they have not lost their way and will keep the party going. Roll on the show!!!

4 out of five - This is really good, just short of perfect 

Top Track - Gittin' In That Ass 

You can purchase the EP from Amazon here 

You can visit the Fishbone website here 

You can listen to the EP on Spotify here 

Here is a link for the Deezer users

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