25 May 2014

Destiny Potato - LUN

I listen to a fair bit of Progressive Metal but, as much as I enjoy it, I have found there to be very little female presence in the genre. All the bands I’ve come across that do have a female singer tend to err towards the more Gothic/Power Metal side of it. It was nice then, to find that Serbian band, Destiny Potato not only have a female singer but keep well away from Nightwish and have much more in common with bands such as Periphery, Porcupine Tree, TesseracT and so on. There’s a large Djent influence obviously but there’s also a touch of Industrial and even Nu-Metal in places too. The musicianship is excellent and vocalist, Aleksandra Djelmas, has a melodious, emotive voice and, when she chooses to show it, some power behind the beauty too.

Things begin with The Build Up, a short intro track before Indifferent kicks off. Straight away the Periphery influence is obvious in the opening guitar line and the subtle electronics. There’s a clinical feeling to the production that adds to the resemblance. It's good song and showcases what the band can do before the more experimental tracks begin.

Take A Picture starts with some clicky, stop start guitars and a repeated vocal line. It all sounds very 90’s Nu-Metal, but once it gets going it’s much better. The chorus is nice and Aleksandra’s voice soars in it. It’s also the first song on the album to feature some screamed vocals. Machine is a short acoustic song with some drifty ethereal male vocals, presumably from guitarist and band leader David Maxim Micic. It’s okay but not really essential.

Lead single Love Song begins hauntingly before the main guitar riff of the song kicks off along with some synthesised vocals. The melody of Love Song, both the verse and the chorus are engaging and infectious. They intertwine perfectly with the music and it’s easy to see why it was picked as the single. There’s a great bit about halfway through where Aleksandra roars the last line of the chorus ‘I’ll never let you go’ and the music drops out to some gentle atmospherics. It works really well.

(L-R Dusan Vanja Andrijasevic, Ana Maglica*, Davd Maxim Micic, Aleksandra Djelmas, Milan Jejina Yeqy and Bojan Kvocka)
*Ana Maglica was a second vocalist and also a violinist but left the band during the recording of LUN.

It’s hard to keep up with the time signatures and whatnot in the aptly named Lunatic, it’s all over the place, though wisely levels out for the chorus. The accordion that pops up every now and again throughout is a nice touch. Wall Of Thoughts brings down the pace and offers some calming respite before finishing off with some Devin Townsend-esque guitar noodling.  Blue Sun and U.Y.M. are both fairly standard mid paced songs, both good but reasonably unremarkable, the chorus of the latter pleasantly nod alongable. I can’t figure out what the acronym stands for though.

Lost Dream is the one song that heads of towards the gothic prog as it sounds like it could be something by Stream Of Passion, the one-time ‘proper’ band of Aryeon mainman and guitarist, Arjen Lucassen. House Of Lies features a string section and is the only out and out ballad on LUN. It could be a straightforward pop song if wasn’t for the wailing guitar solo and crunching outro. Final track Addict has some Eastern flavour to it (perhaps even a Bhangra?) though the churning guitar is always present throughout.

LUN flits from one musical influence to another but still flows as a whole and nothing sounds out of place or tacked on. A strong sense of cohesive song writing and keen pop sensibilities ensure it’s a very accessible and listenable album. It was a very pleasant discovery for me and I’m sure it’ll place highly in my personal albums of the year come December.

The name! I can’t believe I got through the whole review without mentioning how ridiculous the name is! I don’t know if it’s a peculiar sense of humour or that it’s lost something in translaton but it’s odd one whatever. It reminds me of early 90’s funk metal bands and their desperation to be… zany. I’m sure that’s not the case and anything I say about it the band have already heard. It gets them noticed I guess.

8 out of 10 – Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

Best Track – Love Song

You can listen to LUN on Spotify HERE

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