27 May 2014

Def Con One - Brute Force And Ignorance

Def Con One are a band who need no introduction. They've been going for fucking ages - with various line-ups over the years - up here in Newcastle, although in the last few years they've started to make waves across the UK with their own brand of thrash influenced groove metal, gaining rave reviews in the process. All the hard work has started to pay off and the band seem destined for a bright future.

This EP was released in 2013 as limited edition green vinyl before being released on CD by popular demand. It serves as an appetizer between 2012's awesome "Warface" and 2014's even better "II" (blogs to both these albums are in the link here, click to read). Opening with a fantastic riff, the new song "Brute Force And Ignorance", the band proceeds to smash your face in with some very heavy rhythms and guitar work. The drumming in particular, is very tight and prescisioned whilst the vocals are spat out with much vehemence. A perfect EP opener.

The next three tracks are re-recordings from the debut EP (Something I am yet to hear but if someone can furnish me a copy, that'll be great). Next track up is "Caving In" which is an exercise in downtuned brutality. A whispered intro over some heavy, wah-wah infused riffs builds up into a crescendo of blurring drums and bass, thrash influences are prevelant. The vocals sound both melodic and harsh, providing the perfect narration.

After this, we're onto "Weapons Of War" which is a slower, more grinding song. It's not too bad although the band have better songs than this. Good guitar solo, however. Not really much to say about this song.

Last track is "No More Hate" which starts off ominous, IMO. A whispered intro over what sounds like a riff fed through an FX unit, it reminds me of Slipknot for some reason, but I needn't have worried as it then blasts into a heavy as fuck section which is the perfect amalgamation of both thrash and groove metal. This, for me, is the best song on the EP.

So, there we go. A short and sweet blog, pretty much like the EP itself. The new song is awesome and carries on from "Warface" superbly, and the other three songs are great as well. However, as I mentioned before, this was pretty much an appetiser between albums. The material on "II" was a bigger step-up and superior to the EP. Still, as far as appetisers go, it's a tasty morsel which leaves you wanting more.

4 - This is really good, just short of perfect.

Top Track: "No More Hate".

Unfortunately, this EP isn't availbale on iTunes, Spotify or Amazon due to it's Limited Edition nature, but you may be able to get a copy off the bands official website (Click here). Dunno how many are left though...

(Sorry for the poor video, it's the best I could find linked to this EP).

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