19 April 2014

Day of Rest - Easter Special 2014

So it is Easter in the UK where people don't celebrate it, but still give out eggs and bunnies. But saying as this is not a religious blog, but a music blog I really don't think it matters so much. ;-)

So, why have we been so quite of recent?  Well, if the truth be told it is due to the fact that all of us have stuff on in the real world which makes doing this blog a bit hard at times.  All of us love listening to records and stuff, but sometimes it is getting the time from other commitments that makes it a bit impossible to do stuff.  But fear not dear reader, we are not going away or shutting down (even though there is a few people out there who are wishing this was the case).  We will be putting up some blogs in the very near future which are turning out to be quite good (or bad in some cases - no, it is not them, it is the other band). :-)

Below is a brief list of artists who will be reviewed soon:

Withered Hand
Fat White Family
Mt Warning
Against Me
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Future Of The Left
Zero 7
Whilst She Sleeps
Band Of Skulls
Thomas Truax
Led Zeppelin
Frank Zappa (As always)
Ben Folds Five
A Perfect Circle
Damon Albarn

And that is not even a third of what is coming!

I would also like to welcome our latest addition to the team - Mr Barry Wilson!!!

Barry is the head walloper of Alternation on NE1.FM, a radio show which you can also the dullard tones of myself. :-)

Hope your all doing well, if you have any suggestions of what to add to the list just drop us a line or a comment on here as well!


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