19 March 2014

Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra

When a band has been on hiatus for a while, is it best to try something new for your comeback or just simply rehash your most successful album in the hope that people go for it? If this album is anything to go by, it's the latter option. Basically, the general vibe of this album is "The year 2000 just called and did it all for the nookie".

After forming in Florida in 1995, Limp Bizkit became the forerunners of the nu-metal scene thanks to a series of albums which combined hip-hop and rock with some alternative flavour and a novelty cover of the George Michael song "Faith" (Which would open the fucking floodgates for covers of 80's pop songs by other bands). This led to argueably their most successful period - the year 2000. A slew of hit singles as well as doing the theme for Mission Impossible 2 meant they were in the charts quite a bit. There was also the small matter of the song 'Rollin' being used as the Undertaker's entrance theme in WWF/WWE wrestling and the song 'My Way' being used as the theme for Wrestlemania XVII - Fred Durst also appeared as an unlockabale character in ps2 game Smackdown 3, so it's fair to say their media profile was quite high. As mentioned, they were part of the nu-metal scene but at a time when that particular genre seemed to change. Previously, it was a by-word for new bands that played significantly downtuned instruments but soon began to take on characteristics of hip hop due to the use of rapped vocals, DJ turntables and hip hop percussive beats. Rage Against The Machine as well as the soundtrack to a movie called "Judgement Night" proved that rock and rap CAN mix but it started to become VERY lowest-common-denominator, especially the guitar riffs which devolved into one-finger-one-string riffs and the raps were mostly about how everyone is a bastard and deserves a slap. This got a lot of teens into the band which I suppose was a good 'gateway' to decent stuff but when your frontman is the wrong side of 30 and he's acting like Stiffler on steroids while dressing like a Crips member, then you have to ask if it's art or if it's a severe case of arrested development. Sure, it could've been playing a role but David Bowie has been about five or six people in his career yet hasn't entirely turned into a nutcase. As for Fred Durst, he then became a bit of a media darling who shagged Britney Spears and then things went wrong but enough about that, what's the album like?

It's like 2000 never went away. It may as well have been called "Chocolate Starfish Part 2" as the general essence of that album serves as the template for this one. A development that's more arrested than anything from a KoRn lyric sheet. Wow, such regression, much teenage tantrums!

Seriously, there is a song on here called "Douchebag" which has a chorus that goes "Douche bag, I'm-a fuck you up! Fuck you fuck you fuck you up!" I swear down, I've never laughed so much at a lyric than when I heard James Hetfield say he was a table or a small town girl on that shit Lou Reed album. Besides, if Fred ever came at me, I'd knock his arse out!

There is not a lot I can say about the songs on here other than that they all follow a similar format to each other. Chunky riffs and beats while a grown man who is a millionaire the world over 'raps' very badly about being pissed off at something or other. It's all very interchangable, disposable and merging into one after a while. The band are talented misicians, but the frontman let's them down. If he dropped the act and - to quote one of his own songs - got some better beats and some better rhymes, it wouldn't be so bad. Sure, Lamb Of God are in their 40's and still get angry, but they sound like a war whereas Fred sounds like a stroppy teen. Other than old fans looking for a nostalgic trip, I cannot for the life of me think of anyone who would listen to this drek. If he did this album for the nookie, I hope he got the clap.

1/10 - You really are touching the bottom of the barrel.

Chris J.

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