16 March 2014

Comeback Kid - Die Knowing

I keep forgetting about Comeback Kid; this is no disrespect to the band, but every time I hear them it is like finding them again which is joyful and shameful in the same breath. This is because the band have always delivered good music each time I have heard them, but I always get side track by other bands and they sort of fall down to the side...my bad.  Comeback Kid hail from Winnipeg in Canada, forming in 2000, this is their fifth studio album and has been getting lots of good press.  When they first started it was supposed to be a side project, but it has kept on growing into what you have today.  The only other album I have heard is 'Wake The Dead' which I am hoping to get Chris Jermyn to review. So I have no real idea if there has been any progression or fall out since then.  So into the deep end I go with this band again.....

Starting with the powerful and brooding "Die Knowing" I can tell you that there has been no real change in terms of how they write.  It is that brand of hardcore punk that does not really need to be tinkered with.  Not saying it is a shame or bad that there has been no change, look at AC/DC and Motorhead; they have made a career of not changing (musically at least) one iota. "Lower The Line" does the exactly what you would expect, it takes the album up a notch with a ferocity that is outstanding.  "Wasted Arrows" is an anthem in waiting; I love the power that is behind this song.  It is not going do much outside of the convert the faithful, but it make those circle pits a hell of a lot of fun.  "Losing Sleep" is more of the same as you can expect with this type of album, a bit of fodder; albeit very enjoyable, but it is not going to change the band's fortunes for some people.

"Should Know Better" is another bouncing ball of energy that brings the fight to the table, as powerful as an explosion and as infectious as a common cold it is a great little tune from the Canadian hardcore legends.  "I Depend, I Control" is next with the same sort of mentality that has been played out for most of the album so far and if it is not broken, why fix it?  The good thing about these songs is that the songs are not around long enough for it to get boring which works in its favour as well.  "Somewhere In This Miserable..." is a much slower number in their arsenal of songs, it is not quite peddle to the floor but it is with a certain level of aggression which is needed (and it is a nice break to the faster numbers as well).  "Beyond" bring back the anthem air punching metal which I really love for this band, again if you’re not a fan of it this will not change much; however if you are a fan it will be a blast!

"Unconditional" is the slowest song of the album, it is the only one on the album as well that I can honest say is not really needed. The sentiment behind the song is positive, but the actual final package just does not do much for me.  However it is followed up with the wonderful "Didn't Even Mind" which is easily the best song on the whole album, it just has a hook and a charm that takes it head and shoulder above everything that is on the album. "Full Swing" is the shortest and most aggressive song on the album that again is perfect for what it does. Ending the album is the longest track on offer here, "Sink In".  It feels like it is the song that they were trying to do with "Unconditional", but with all the pieces coming into place.  It just works in a way that the other song did not. It is a very good end for this album.

Overall this album is a very good addition to the Comeback Kid discography; it is a good show of where they are now without trying to change the boundaries too much.  I'm not going to lie and say that this album changed my life, but it is a good album to hear once on a while.  If you are not a fan of hardcore punk, this is not going to change your mind to be honest; however if you are a fan this is a very good album indeed.  It might not be the most essential album of the year, but sometimes you need an album that is just perfect for the mood of shouting; this album is a good example of that sort of thing.  Hopefully I will not forget about them again.....

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

Top track - Didn't Even Mind

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