16 February 2014

Axis Of Awesome - Animal Vehicle

Comedy albums are a strange thing, sometimes they can be laugh out loud and at other times it can be like listening to cats have sex under your bedroom window at 3am on a shitty winter night.  I was first introduced to this band at my friend's on one of those drunken YouTube searches.  Formed in 2006 with a name being a parody of George W. Bush, they have been making a name for themselves in Australia.  Over here in the UK, they became an internet sensation with the song "Four Chords" which is a song based on four chords and showing how they have been used on many of the biggest songs in the world from "Forever Young" by Alphaville, "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt and "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga.  Now these guys are really interesting, but can they hold my attention.

First off is a re-recording of "The Glorious Epic Of Three Men Who Are Awesome" the tale of how they got together, obviously a little embellished and a silly.  It is ok, but compared to "Wonder Boy" by Tenacious D it is just average.  The next song though "How To Write A Love Song", which shows how modern R&B songs are done and it nails it.  Compare it to many of the top love songs and they hit it and it is a giggle. "Can You Hear The Fucking Music Coming Out Of My Car?" is a song about the dance music addicts who want to have the loud music coming out of their cars when they drive past and sadly it is just as annoying. Then comes another re-recording of "Birdplane" which was used in "Four Chords".  It is a story about a plane that is a bird.  Cute, but very one dimensional.

"When Life Is Good" is a story about how life can be great and about deleting porn from your browser settings, very subtle and funny on this one.  Next up is "Songs To Sing Along To" which has clips of songs that people can only sing one part of, the rest you just mumble. I am guilty of this crime and so are you, I have a feeling this would have worked better on a video. "The Language Of Love" is a love song translated into German as one of the singers can only translate do this as he does not know French.  Funny, but again it might have benefited from a skit video."Skeleton Man" is about a super hero called Skeleton Man who is saving the world, querying the loose grasp of superheroes and it is really funny. "Serious" tries to be serious in a sarcastic way, it is the first real sketch instead of a song, it is better than some of the other songs so far and it leads onto the song "Harry Potter And The Drunk Teenage Animals Escaping From Zoos".  The song is not as good as the sketch beforehand, but it is fun.

"Inspiration" is another sketch which discusses how to make a song whilst on acid - it sounds like noise by the end and it is quite funny. "WWJD" sounds like it could have been Sonseed, but without the innocence of the original band. "Sexual Harassment" is a look on the R&B songs and how it is a little bit seedy, it could have been wrote about "Blurred Lines" which again is really clever and funny (also it is slightly creepy, just like "Blurred Lines").  "Song For The Elderly" is about an old man who appears in the singer's house, the singer has no idea who he is and wants him to leave; again a very funny but I feel it might have done better with a video. "Ode To KFC" is a shanty about KFC which changes to a rave song about the same subject, which turns into a rap song about...you can probably guess. Next is a re-recording of "4 Chords" which I mentioned earlier, it has some new songs in the mix (you will have to listen to it as there is a lot of the buggers), this is the best moment of the whole album and I can see why it became an internet sensation.  Closing the album is "El Pajaro Avion" which is a Spanish version of "Birdplane" and sounds better than the original for me.

This album swings between the two aforementioned states of the comedy album.  These guys are really funny and well worth checking out, but there are limited returns on some of these songs, as is the case with most comedy music.  That being said, when it works such as "4 Chords" and "How To Write A Love Song" then you can see the positive aspects to these guys.  Also I reckon these will work better on stage or video due to the guys being funny as fuck.  Sometimes you have to see it to work.

6.5 out of ten - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

Best Song - "4 Chords"

There are no physical versions of this album on Amazon, but you can buy the MP3 version of it here

You can visit the band's website here

...and here is band's own store where you can purchase the CD's!!!

Here is a link to the album on Spotify here

Or for our Deezer fans, here is a link for you

Here is the video for "4 Chords" - bask in it's glory!!!!

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