12 January 2014

Whores - Clean

Turns out the ghost of 2013 is still throwing out releases that have past our collective radar, but nevermind that.  I know it is only 11 days into the New Year at the time of writing and I cannot expect new works to be available straight away.  It is just sometimes a little frustrating that something’s have been missed.  Nevermind that though, this is not a blog for my musings (that is on another blog).  This is about the latest release by Atlanta natives Whores and the release 'Clean'.  Coming off the back of the 2011 release 'Ruiner' this band have a sound like a love child between the Melvins, Helmet and Pissed Jeans.  They sound seriously drenched in sludge and are not out to move the heart of teenagers and hipsters.  They are in it for the noise and my deity does this album deliver that in heaps.

For this band, it is all about the sludge and power that comes from within that music; starting with "Baby Bird" they drop the gauntlet for the audience to pick up, snarl like a chained beast and tell the world that they are going out and they basically don't give a fuck.  There is no doubt from the beginning where these guys take their musical leaning from, if it was in luminous pink de-glow light it would be less discreet.  As an opening track it lays out the ground work for the rest of the album, as "Last Looks" comes in with a driving bass line that dominates the whole tune like a grand marshal.  There is a grunge vibration in this tune (and I don't mean the polished end of that musical spectrum which the major record companies wanted you to hear), this is the dirty sound of a band who found amplifier worship and noise to be the tools of their trade and "Last Looks" shows how effectively they can deploy them. "I Am Not A Goal-Oriented Person" has another riff that brings back memories of The Wildhearts (which is strange, but it has that sort of feel) but if they were also jamming with Melvins - this is a very good thing.  The aggression and power on show here is really great to here.

"Cougars, Not Kittens" is the fourth track that is unleashed, but it takes a more slow and grimy look at this slab of grunge. There is a hint of Alice In Chains in here, the work and combination of the guitar parts together with the grinding drum & bass display make this a much more harsh and brutal than most of the faster songs on this album. After this comes the short and hypnotic "Blue Blood" which is probably the only song on the album which doesn't quite hit the spot for me.  It is over before it can make any sort of impact and just seems to be put on the album as an afterthought.  Over before it's time, but leading to the final track called "I Am An Amateur At Everything".  The three piece take their time with this song and it comes in doses of heavy slabs of riffs, which I am convinced will lead to bowel movements in weaker mortals.  By the time you have reached the end of the song (and album) you feel like you have been in a war.

When I was researching on this album and the band I found a review on pitchfork which stated that they were a very workmanlike band.  I think this is giving the band a disservice to be honest, maybe they have a lot of their influences on display, maybe they have made an album which is too damm short (but that is me being greedy) and maybe they will not grace the top end of the charts (although I would love to see that); but this is one of the best releases I have heard for an awful long time.  With only one iffy moment and the fact it is over too soon, it is not perfect - but it is a might album all the same.  If this album does not excite you, then you are dead from the head upwards.

9 out of ten - Almost perfect, almost......

Top track - Last Looks

You can purchase the MP3 version of the album from Amazon here

You can get the album from the Whores Bandcamp page here

The band do not have a website, but you can follow their activates on Facebook

Here is also a link to their record label Brutal Panda 

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

You can listen to the album on Deezer here

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