8 December 2013

Goat - World Music

Last year around when I started this blog I was given an Amazon voucher (bear with me) which I used to get random tracks from band's I had heard good thing about.  One of them was Goat.  Goat was formed in Korpilombolo, but they are now based in Gothenburg.  They have a story that their home village was the base for a voodoo doctor which when it was took over by Christian crusaders was placed under a curse.  I'm not sure that it’s true, but for a band that performs behind masks and has no real history it does seem to fit the bill.  Since this album was released in 2012 I sort of forgot about the track till I heard another one on the radio the other day.  So it brought the band back to my attention, and after a year I get to listen to this little piece of the desert which comes via one of the coldest countries in the world.

Now I'm not going to do a track by track, mainly because they are mostly not songs as such; they are more sonic noise pieces that take the soul and infect it with a sense of the sun.  From the opening moments of "Diarabi" the band keeps the pace going with a sense of fun and purpose that doesn't drop, even on quieter moments such as "Goatlord".  There are nine tracks here of a high quality which can best be described as the perfect mix of 70's rock psychedelica, world music and the desert. They take that mystic sound and change it into their own.  The rhythm is hypnotic and the playing is so drone that you find yourself lost in the music.

Whilst this may be a short review, this album is not short on quality.  It is a joy to behold and it is also a fantastic piece of work.  For a band to play with this much confidence and swagger in a debut is a sign that if this band keeps on going past this album, there will be a great future for them. There is not a dull or out of place moment on this album, having watched live recordings of this band I can confirm they also bring it live as well.  If you want to hear something that is original and timeless, I recommend them to you (and anyone who is blessed with the gift of hearing).

10 out of ten - This is proof that there is a God

You can purchase the album from Amazon here

Goat do not have a website, but they do have a BlogSpot (kudos) - here is a link to it

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

Here is a video of a live performance of "Goatman" from Glastonbury 2013

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