22 December 2013

ATTIWLTMOWOS Top 50 tracks of 2013 (Actual tracks released this year in the UK)

Well, the season of end of year lists is upon us - already me and Luke have put up our list of albums of the year, on Monday 23rd December we will be announcing the group album of the year (being announced live on Alternation on NE1FM (cleverly linked here) from 6pm GMT (UK time)), but as a separate thing I'm putting up a track of the year list as well.  This one has not been voted for by the group, trying to get those bag of cats to vote on the album of the year was hard enough and I would like to get the list up before Christmas 2026.  Next year I will try to get the clan in better order (probably with bribes).  Until then, the track of the year list will be ran by me and my iron fists!!!!!!

Now for this some of the tracks will be videos, some will be links to tracks on Spotify - there is also one track which might be updated later (I will explain later).  Anyway, without further ado - here is the All The Time I Was Listening To My Own Wall Of Sound top tracks of 2013:

50 - Disclosure featuring London Grammar - Help Me Lose My Mind

This song was part of the Mercury Music Prize nominated album 'Settle'.  With a haunting melody and was the fifth single to be lifted from the album.  Whilst it didn't exactly set the charts on fire (peaking at 56 in the UK), it was a hit for us here.

Link to the track on Spotify

49 - Bastille - Get Home

Whilst not being released as a single from their album 'Bad Blood', this has been a stable of their live set since it was first released on their EP 'Overjoyed'.  Very solemn and quite, this was a surprise from a very poor album.

48 - Chvrchers - Gun

The Scottish synth-pop trio have been making waves on both sides of the Atlantic, the review of the album is coming soon and unfortunately they have missed the album of the year for 2013.  However, this one was one of the tracks of the summer.

Link to the song on Spotify

47 - Of Monsters And Men - From Finner

Technically this is from 2011, but this did not come out over here till 2013 (at least that is what I was informed and I am keeping to that as I had trouble making up 50 tracks from there year).  The Icelandic alternative folk group have been slowly but surely making themselves very popular on the live circuit.

46 - Motorhead - Heartbreaker

The album might be a case of 'if it ain't broke - why fix it', but this is a modern Motorhead classic.  Full over that stomp and noise that we have come to expect from Lemmy and Co, I'm sure it will go down a storm when they get back on tour.  Also, it has one of the most fun videos of the year.

45 - Vista Chino - Dargon Dargon

From the ashes of the court case which ended Kyuss Live (I'm siding with these guys Homme), Vista Chino raised like a phoenix.  This was one of the gems in a sea of stoner rock joy.  Also one of the best live bands on the circuit at the moment.

44 - Depeche Mode - Heaven

From their soon to be reviewed (and unfortunately overlooked) 'Delta Machine'.  Even after a break, these guys can still cut it with the best of them and are still the princes of dark pop.  Next time don't take so long guys.....

Here is a link to the single with extra remixes on Spotify

43 - Blood Orange - You're Not Good Enough

This is the new alter-ego of Dev Hynes.  His other work (The Test Icicles/Lightspeed Champion) have done nothing for me, I found them very boring at best and his ego was bigger than his project.  Now he has gone all Prince and now his talent is showing.  This is the cream of the crop on this (also soon to be reviewed) album and it brings a great deal of funk to the table.

Here is a link to the song on Spotify

42 - Eminem w/ Rhianna - The Monster

Guess who's back, back again....this time with the little Jamaican lady and a song which took over the world for a brief period of time.  It is catchy and out of the left field in some ways as Mr Em returned to his Marshall Mathers ego with his latest album 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2'.  Whilst not an amazing work, the production job on it by Rick Rubin was better than the turd he did with Black Sabbath.

41 - The Dillinger Escape Plan - Paranoia Shields

After the midlife crisis previous album, DEP returned to their more harsh roots but with a strangely accessible approach on  'One Of Us Is The Killer'.  This is a prime example of that album and  a welcome return to those noisy little manic deviants.

Here is a link to the track from Spotify

40 - Suede - Barriers

Released as a free download before their first studio album in 11 years.  They may not look as fresh faced as they once were but they came back with a fire that had been missing from their last couple of studio albums.  It was a welcome return from the Brit-pop giants.

39 - Dutch Uncles - Fester

When the recent history of modern indie music is written, unfortunately these guys might only get a foot note.  Which is a shame as they are a great band who deserve more praise than they get.  With an almost oriental flavour, this is one of many highlights from 'Out Of Touch With The Wild'.

38 - HAIM - Don't Save Me

Never since the days of Fleetwood Mac in their full prime has the harmony been so effectively used.  These American sisters have slowly took over the musical and in the UK their album got to number one.  Shame the album is a bit of a let down, but this song is truly wonderful.

37 - The Lancashire Hotpots - I'm Going To Poundland

Northern Comedy is the best, not a question - it is a fact.  These strange folks from the North West of England have been making audiences laugh and sing up and down the country.  This ode to the joy of Poundland is taken from their wonderful new album 'Crust For Life'.

Here is a link to the track on Spotify

36 - Gary Numan - Love Hurt Bleed

The later period of Gary Numan's career has been fantastic.  He seems to have a new lease of life and is taking back from Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails what they half inch'd (pinched) from him earlier.  This is taken from the beautifully dark 'Splinter...' album.

35 - Carcass - Trasher Abattoir

A come back which some deemed not possible, but Carcass came back with a strong album.  This was the second track on the album and showed that they had not lost any of their bite - even if Jerm is still wrong about Swansong.

Link to the song on Spotify

34 - Justin Timberland - Mirrors

Before I get mocked, I have always said I like quality pop songs I hear them.  This was one of those moments this year - the album version is the length of a good prog song and is not one of those ballads that makes you want to use mind soap on your ears.  Also, the man does know a good tune - shame about some of his other choices.

33 - Lorde - Royals

It is strange talking about the career of a 17 year old from New Zealand, but she has pretty much conquered most of the world with this song.  It is not this year's Gotye as some have said (just because they are from the same side of the earth does not make them sound the same), but part of me thinks she might have more of a career after this one.

32 - Kurt Ville - Walkin' On A Pretty Day

Drifting through the world with a breeze that is in eternal summer this is one of the strangest pop songs of the year.  Like Justin Timberland's 'Mirrors' it is prog in length, but it is just pure sensibility and along with Ariel Pink's on a strange sort of fuzzy pop punk.

31 - Exxasens - Rocket To The Sky

When it comes to post rock, Exxasens are making a strong case for band of the year.  This is the second track on the album, it is a powerful little number from a brilliant release from Spain.

30 - Palms - Future Warriors

When I was first reviewing their album, I will admit that I got the review wrong.  It is my only regret with the blog to date; however, once it is up - the mark stays the same.  But don't listen to my review, listen to the album and this little piece of heaven.

29 Fuck Buttons - Brainfreeze

This was an amazing piece of distorted electronica that bring the world into sharp focus.  Like a sledge hammer to the brain, this track is on the attack from beginning to end.  This should not be approached lightly, but it should be heard.

29 - Manic Street Preachers - Show Me The Wonder

Coming from the disappointing 'Rewind The Film' this little piece of joy was one of the gems in amongst the soil that was this album.  With it's joyful little turn it was a ray of sunshine for this album and it turn the autumn into summer.

27 - Arcade Fire - Reflecktor

After a long gurrellia campaign that had all the hallmarks of genius that would not have been out of place with the 70's.  They have came and made more waves this time with this little slice of indie disco heaven.

Here is a link to the song on Spotify

26 - Eureka Machine - Pop Star

From one of those wonder pledge music campaigns comes this slice of pop rock punk heaven that will have The Wildhearts looking for a lawyer.  They have been making a great name for themselves and it is worth noting that they heading out on tour again in 2014.

25 - Pearl Jam - Mind Your Manners

Slowly they are turning into the Bruce Springsteen of the grunge generation.  Whilst the new album is not as instant as 'Backspacer', it is a more mature and solid record and well worth the praise that is being sent its way (even if it hasn't made our top 50 - damm voting system) ;-)

24 - Druganaut - Sex Face

Bring sexy back to the North East of England with this slab of sludge that will not be done without a smile, these double denim creatures have been tearing it up up and down the country all year.  Expect more madness and mayhem from these crazy creatures.

Link to the track on Spotify

23 - Hey Hello - Lock For Rock (And Other Sporting Cliches)

When it comes to changing your spots, Ginger keeps us all guessing all the way.  For Hey Hello, it was just sugar, sugar, sugar and then some sleazy and a spot more sugar.  It may not have been a perfect record (much like the Mutation projects), but this was the shining light on this album.

Here is a link to the song on Spotify

22 - Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know

With a stonking riff and a new maturity that keeps coming, these Sheffield lads done good have been on a green run that has made them world beaters.  You have to wonder where they will go next as they keep trying to change and I'm sure there is only gabba or ABBA covers left.

21 - Tom Odell - Till I Lost

By rights this should not be here - most of the work on this album is poor.  However, this is a song which shows there might be hope for Mr Odell yet.  He is being given a hell of a lot a praise for someone so young and whilst he has a lot to live up to, he is also better than Jake Bugg.  This song was a instant hit for the AOR crowd and it is easy to see why.

Link to the track on Spotify

20 - Biffy Clyro - Victory Over The Sun

To pick one of the songs of this album was hard when it was so full of class tunes, but don't let it's marking fool you; this is a top draw delivery from the Biff and it just shows that even 11 months after it was released that quality will shine through - Mon The Biffy.

19 - Korn - Prey For Me

With the return of Brian 'Head' Welch has brought back the rock to Korn after their last turd of an album, this was the opening track on the surprising good 'The Paradigm Shift'.  Centring on Davis experience when he met Welch's christian friends, it makes a change from his daddy issues that are his usual trade.  A welcome return.

18 - Alice In Chains - Stone

A band that is still going after everyone had written them off, Alice In Chains just keep proving every one wrong and William DuVall gives another power house performance that brings them slightly out of the shadow of Mr Stanley.  This was a great surprise this year and one of the best opening to a song in 2013.

17 - Queens Of The Stone Age - Fairweather Friend

Whilst I have give Mr Homme grief for not keeping to the Kyuss path (and when we have Vista Chino, why should he - they are better than some of QOTSA out-put), it is worth remembering that people change and so has QOTSA.  They are now a rock giant and this song features Trent Reznor and Elton John - far from his original roots be when the songs sound like this you can understand why he changed.  Don't be surprised if the next line up of the band looks different.

16 - Julia Holter - Horns Surrounding Me

Coming from L.A. in the USA, Holter has been charming audiences around the world and building on her first two releases with her new record 'Loud City Song'.  This is a dark slice of pop that should be heard by you all.

15 - Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - Gold Teeth

Britain's best rap act ever and one of the best rap acts in the world came back with their third release after a year's break when they released solo efforts.  The break did them good as they returned with one of the strong album of 2013 and their strongest album to date.  This was the second single released from the album and features Flux Pavillion.

14 - Clutch - Earth Rocker

Coming back with a new album in 2013, Clutch have proven why they are classed as one of the best acts in the world.  This is the title track from one of the contenders for the ATTIWLTMOWOS album of 2013.

13 - M.I.A. - Matangi

Truly out of the left field for this blog, M.I.A. has came and conquered.  She may have lessened her political lines a bit on the album, she may have a mouth that needs to be washed out with soap, she may have gotten in trouble for sticking her fingers up on the Superbowl show (seriously, there is worse thing America); but this is one of the most destructive and amazing songs to have been released this year.

12 - We Are Knuckle Dragger - Class of '94

Coming out with one of the best releases of 2013 (and my personal album of the year), WAKD have proved that they can keep it up with the best of them, here is hoping that 2014 is as good as 2013 for these guys - and get their album 'The Drone'!!!!!

11 - Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven

I make no apologies for this being here.  Drawing on the spirit of prime Michael Jackson, Prince and The Police (who's lawyers I urge to see if he has stolen anything from your back catalogue - allegedly), this was the best pop song of 2013 (technically 2012, but it was not brought to our attention till this year - I make the rules, so get over it).  Nothing came close, even 'Get Luck' by Daft Punk was not as good as this one....STOP SNICKERING AT THE BACK!!!!  Anyway, check this out, it really is that good and it is equally surprising it is from this man.

10 - Dropkick Murphys - The Seasons Upon Us

No, you are reading this right - we have a Christmas song in the top ten of the year! To be fair, if my Christmas holidays were like this song, I would be sounding as pissed as they are (off and drinking wise).  This is the best Christmas song since The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl and 'The Fairytale Of New York'.  The American Irish boys have not sounded as good for years and it is a welcome return!

9 - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away

From the minimal classic (yes, it will be classed as that), this title track (there is a lot of them on this list) bring the album the a fantastic close.  The new men in black have been on a green period and this is one of their best moments ever.

8 - The National - Demons

From New York came this slice of misery about facing one's darkside.  Whilst for some reason 'Trouble Will Find Me' has not hit the heights of 'High Violet', this was the stand out moment of the album.  Dark, brooding and utterly spectacular.

7 - Noah & The Whale - All Through The Night

When I first heard this on Later With Jools Holland, I was blown away by what an improvement had been made with this band.  Dipping slightly into the 80's and making a beautiful piece of indie pop heaven, this was a gem in a sea of vanilla thunder on that show.  The video has a second song on it as well.

6 - David Bowie - The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

This was a come back that no-one, and I mean no-one was predicting.  With no-fanfare the white duke came back into our lives.  This was the second single from 'The Next Day' and with one of the most disturbing videos, the starman showed that he can still bring it.  Now all we need is a tour.....

4 - Winny Puhh - Meiecundi Mees üks Korsakov Läks Eile Lätti

This song was an entry for the Eurovision song contest for Estonia that did not even make it to the final - it was beaten to third.  All I can say is that the Estonia judges must have been taken outside after the show and slapped.  This was shown to me by one of my friends and I feel in love with it.  Watch the video, hopefully it will become available in the UK at some point.

4 - Ghost - Infestissumam/Per Aspera Ad Inferi

Over the top, satanic, evil, satanic, prog and satanic.  Whilst this is technically two separate tracks, they are one in the same.  This is the opening to their new album and is so full of theatrics and the prog madness that you have came to expect from this agents of evil.  Did I mention that they are satanic.....they are like satan's over private Jehovah Witness army. ;-)

3 Daft Punk - Giorgio by Moroder

Bet you were not expecting that! This song is better than 'Get Lucky', this is the best track on a very mediocre album (don't believe the hype, it has some truly awful moments).  But this, this track is towering in length, delivery and as a homage to the one of the greatest minds in music history - the legend that is Giorgio.

2 - A.F.I. - Greater Than 84

Another band who returned to form after a poor album, A.F.I. ditched the gold and returned to the black.  Well....almost all of it was black - but not this song.  This is the sound of a band taking the talents, creating one of their best works and above all (especially on this track) having fun with it.

Link to the song on Spotify

1 - VerseChorusVerse - Three

Now here is a confession first - the song is still only available to people who pledged to make the album.  I have asked Mr Tony Wright himself if he had a live version to put on Youtube, but ironically he has only performed it three times at the time of writing and it has not been taped yet.  However, this is still not enough to stop it being the ATTIWLTMOWOS track of the year.  Imagine if Nine Inch Nails had went folk for a moment and then released a moment of true emotion.  This track is breath taking and beautfully simple in purpose.  As soon as it is on either bandcamp, soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer or any sort of release it will be pushed on here like there is no tomorrow.  The rest of the album is also a joy and more full of light, as shown on the video below for "We Spoke With The Night".  So well done to VerseChorusVerse!!!!

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