13 November 2013

This Is Divine - The Great Circle

As we are approaching the end of the year I find my pile of album to review is growing steadily higher - I still have a list I put up in September that I have not even touched.  But every now and then one comes along I want to make room for straight away.  Today is a similar case of an album being brought to my attention and having an immediate look - I'm sure the world will be ok with the fact I have not reviewed the latest Ghost album just yet for one further day.  Today I have been reminded that earlier this year This Is Divine released their latest album 'The Great Circle'.  Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, this band have been making a name for themselves and in the short time have been making a name for themselves having performed at the Download and Sonisphere Festivals in 2010, as well as getting some good support slots along the way.  I must admit I have only seen the name of the band before and this is the first real contact I can remember having with them (would rather be honest than lie at this point).  So I come to this with no expectations, no preconception of what is going to come and waiting to see what awaits me.

Starting with Ithaca This Is Divine gets your attention straight away with a harsh mix of hardcore sensibilities, groove metal riffage and blast beats.  This is for the mosh pit and to make the head bangers just around like crazy people with pins in their feet. "Cords" comes along with a similar sort of mission, albeit at a slower pace, this song is a lot meatier to be honest (yes I did mean to type meatier, not metal).  There is just something more substantial about the song, the riff seems more constructed and harsh, the bridge before the chorus is amazing and it just has a larger than life quality which metal music really should have.  As the quite keyboard ending fades out and make way for "Disquiet" and they unleash another stomping anthem I think that most people will realise at this point that there will be no heartfelt ballad, there will be no supermarket indie another, there is only the groove and hardcore onslaught and monstrous riffs; believe me when I say this is not a bad thing.

"Ancient Blood" keeps the pace going with a fire in its belly that leads onto the brilliantly titled "And In It's Time, I Will Do This Swiftly".  Both songs are well played and they have a great style, the harsh riffs just keep on coming and this keeps my interest up.  With a quick interlude for "Ruach" (well for the first half of the song anyway), the peddle is quickly back down and normal service is resumed on "Nineveh"; starting off with a more quite opening the beast is unleashed again and the band are in no mood to take prisoners.  If anything the mood gets harsher on "Those We Don't Speak Of".  Even after a few spins, this track stands out the most for me; it just has my head banging along which is always a good sign. After this is "The Great Circle" which feels like it could have a fight with itself in an empty room, there is a lot of pissed off aggression going on here and it is just constant all the way through; by the time I got to the excellent final track "1735" I felt like I had been in a battle.

Now for an overall look at the album.  This is a great example of metalcore/hardcore/groove metal as it is tight as a drum, full of energy and passion.  The performance is top quality and this is a band that will be going places; I am sure of this.  As with most albums of this genre it is one tracked if the truth be told, but when it is played this good is that a bad thing?  Personally I think this is a great second album, there is an intense fire in here and the passion behind the music is second to none, and I will be looking into their debut very shortly.  For people looking some new harsh metal with a huge ton of groove, then this is a really good album for any collection.  

PS - Feedback from the band (and thank you for the kind comments about the review) when you go to the This Is Divine bandcamp page you can download the album for free or pay what you want for it.

7.5 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

You can download the album for free or pay what you want from the This Is Divine bandcamp page

You can visit the band's Facebook page

This album is not on Spotify yet, but here is a link to their page on Spotify - there is another album up there at the moment

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