7 November 2013

They Might Be Giants - Nanobots

Not a name I was expecting to find in 2013, and not with a new album either.  Back in 1990, They Might Be Giants had a massive hit in the UK with "Birdhouse In Your Soul", a few minor hits after that, then as far as the UK was concerned, that was it (apart from their surprise hit with "Boss Of Me" aka the theme for the TV show "Malcolm In The Middle".  But they have kept on going since 'Flood' and they are now onto album 16.  The only reason I found out about this album was I was looking for releases from 2013 (long story).

Now this album is 25 songs long, 45 minutes and some of them are shorter than a Napalm Death classic section.  There is a whole section of the album where you get four songs under a minute; when you get start it is just your average over there tales of crazy and wonder from these strange men.  Each song is its own little piece of perfection, you get one song "Call You Mom" where a guy call his girlfriend 'mom' and then he is pissed that she is gone, you have the infectious "You're On Fire" which sticks in the brain for hours after it has been played, the strange beats and horns of "The Darling of Lumberland" is almost as crazy as the strange guitar parts which flow out, "Sometimes Is A Lonely Way" is a beautiful song about being abandoned and getting on with it (still trying to work out what the scratches are about, but you know how it is...).

All the short songs are perfectly placed in the album, there is a nature and organic feel about what is going on here.  Whilst I have been slowly but surely working with large and complex songs (particularly with Frank Zappa stuff), this feels like the natural counterpart to that.  It makes for a very strange project and something I would not have been able to find out about if I was not looking for something else.  I love the fact it is by circumstance that there guys have came back in my life.  I don't care there is not a hit single here, the album is the hit here.  Strange, loveable, crazy, out there and beautiful – a treat for the slightly less out there.

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

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