10 November 2013

Newton Faulkner - Hand Built By Robots

In 2007, Newton Faulkner was a 21 year old man who made number on in the UK album charts in August of that year with his musical debut.  Although you get the feeling he'd wanted to be a noticed & working musician from a young age.  Musically it is beautiful, airy, light, appropriate builds where needed for dramtic emphasis - such as "Dream Catch Me" and "Teardrops" (a cover of the Massive Attack classic) - its not over produced, its very relateable.

Newton is obviously a gifted guitarist - with an individual 'percussive guitar playing style' and he also has the ability to harmonise in a voice that has both incredible range and depth whilst still maintaing the chararcteristic roughness reminiscent of Chris Rea and Kenny Rogers. (Behold the Gruffalo!!) It is put together styistically feeling almost like a really well planned rush job and a sensible decision to not mess up his natural style too much and play onthat.  Perhaps they want to match the singer himself, you get the feeling running through the album of a quirky style. The artist who made the cover etc has merticulously thought this out.?

According to soures such as Wiki-Newton trained at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and gained diplomas at the Academy of Contemporary Music under the tutorlage of Eric Roch (who was a classical finger style guitarist who sadly died of throat cancer aged a too young 37) amongst others.
In 2007 and 2008 he played Glastonbury Festival (which he has played many times since), V Festival, Connect Music Festival, Radio 1 Big Weekend 2008, Lollapalozza 2008 and other high profile gigs.

His second album after this was Rebuilt By Humans (2009) named for when he injured himself when slipping on ice and was "put back together again by humans". His third album Sketches +Write It On Your Skin was released in 2012, whilst his latest album which was released on 2013 was called Studio Zoo.  It debut at number 4 in the UK top 40, making it his fourth top ten studio album.
So kudos Newton, you got what you wanted kid.

Tracklisting of Hand Built By Humans:

 1 - Intro
 2 - To The Light
 3 - I Need Something
 4 - All I Got
 5 - Dream Catch Me
 6 - Feels Like Home
 7 - Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover)
 8 - Gone In The Morning
 9 - Sitar-y Thing
10 - Uncomfortably Slow
11 - Straight Towards The Sun
12 - People Should Smile More
13 - U.F.O.
14 - Face (Her)
15 - Ageing Superhero
16 - Lullaby
Bonus Tracks
17 - Full Fat
18 - Dream Catch Me (Instrumental)

This album gets a mark of 10 out of 10 : This is proof that there is a god.
(Not because I feel the young man deserves it so much but because he is good bless and this c.d has sentimental value as it was given to me by both my mam and my husband at a time I was not so happy. So thank you:) )

You can purchase the album on Amazon here

You can visit the Newton Faulkner website here

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

You can watch the video for "Dream Catch Me" here

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