2 November 2013

Day of Rest - well how we have grown.....

Well, we have been busy boys and girls, haven't we.....

Starting off on 2 December 2012, with no more than my own thoughts and no real starting point apart from the CD's which were currently on my playlist to go by, a passion to talk about music and a need to rant about a Tori Amos album called 'Night of Hunters' (cleverly linked here) which was not very good.  Then along the way I have picked up a few people who share my love of music (some of them more so than others in regards to some bands - I still cannot work out why Jerm loves Fear Factory as much as he does) and they let me sometimes give them projects and ask for stuff back.  Take our recent look at thoughts about the Mercury Music Prize (again cleverly linked), Guilty Pleasure mix from Spotify and then there is the music we have looked at.  We have had some brilliant blogs which go unnoticed - our looks at Guster - Goldfly Explosions On The Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (Linked again) is criminally ignored; some have been praised to high heavens like our looks at Druganaut, Motherfly, Ginger Wildheart and Human Waste Project (all linked) amongst others.

Firstly here, I would like to thank Helen for the help, support and having to put up with me go on about music, viewing figures and being understanding whilst I type out my nonsense (as well as giving some cool blogs and making some brilliant picks for me).  Then I would like to thank Chris Chaney, Chris Jermyn, Marc Richardson, Luke Dunmore and Liam Jamieson for joining in on the fun and helping make the blog a success (well, it is success for us at least). I hope that we can keep things going and whilst I really have no idea where this will end up going, I think it is going to be fun finding some cool albums along the way.

So what are our future plans?

Well, we are still currently in the middle of a look at the discography of the Manic Street Preachers, after that there will be the return of the Love/Hate blogs for the team which I will group together under the tile "Carter's Revenge" - for those new to the party, I pick two albums for each of the team; one album I think they will love and one I think they will hate (I may not get these right).  In return, they get to pick one for me in return for whatever they like - hence why I reviewed Blur - The Great Escape a while ago.  After that I am still hoping to get the group look at one album as a collective and maybe a look at the discography of Led Zeppelin and maybe even someone like Ministry, Iron Maiden or early 90's indie.  Over the next few days I think there will be a new Spotify list to be up here (theme to be confirmed), but we will see where we end up.

We have done 500 blogs between us, had a few months with over 2,000 hits and we are approaching 1,500 within one year. I really hope that the next set of blogs are as much fun to do; please send us suggestions - if only so we can give them to Jerm. ;-)


Current listings for Eddie

AFI - Burials
R.E.M. - Automatic For The People
Jonah Matranga - And
Motorhead - Aftershock

Anna Ternheim - Separation Road
Animalympics OST

Pink Floyd - The Final Cut

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