14 November 2013

Cyanide Pills - Still Bored

Cyanide Pills are a self-styled gang of cunts from a desolate land. The desolate land in question being Leeds in West Yorkshire. Desolate is no way however, to describe the music scene in Leeds with a burgeoning throng of local bands plying their trade. In particular Eureka Machines, Hawk Eyes, The Scaramanga Six, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Pulled Apart By Horses, and Sky Larkin are all receiving critical acclaim, a modicum of success and creating genuinely exciting and vibrant music. Cyanide Pills could also be added to that list.
They play a charming brand of Pop Punk that harkens back to the late Seventies, the fun, Day-Glo era of Punk with bands like The Dickies, X-Ray Spex and The Buzzcocks etc. This is also evidenced in their appearance and in the artwork, logo and so on.
Still Bored is their second album and is a natural progression from their debut album. There are seventeen songs on Still Bored but they’re all around the one/two minute mark. With only Teargas breaking three minutes, none of the songs have any chance of outstaying their welcome.  From opener Can’t Get It Up to the final track Dance With You they kick off, implant their simplistic ‘woah-oh’ choruses in your head and then leave, only to be replaced by another infuriatingly catchy little number. Particular highlights are: The Hives-esque Outta Nowhere, the anthemic Hiding In The Night,and the, blatantly untrue, Johnny Thunders Lived In Leeds. I've also had previously mentioned Teargas chorus line of “I’m not crying It’s just the teargas in my eyes” stuck in my head and have been braying it all week
The only downside to Still Bored is that with seventeen tracks of similar length and similar pace, only Locked Up Dub really deviates from the norm, it tends to be a little samey but Cyanide Pills aren’t the sort of band you listen to for deep, musical exploration and besides, being samey didn’t do Bad Religion any harm now did it?

8 out of 10 - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

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