7 October 2013

Savages - Silence Yourself

Holy motherfathering hell, another blog from the J-Man??? That's two in two days, must be a special occasion! Not really, I'm just getting my ass back into it. I've been busy with work, fatherhood and the colossus of gaming that is GTA5. However, after some prompting by the blog Overlord, it was time to get back into it. After the Laura Mvula blog, it was time to do this one and keep the Mercury 2013 theme going.

I would just like to start off by saying that 'Post-Punk' is a stupid name for a genre. If we're talking literally, then EVERYTHING after punk (The initial 70's wave of punk) could be classed as 'Post Punk'. It doesn't make much sense to me, but then again, nothing does. The fact I'm reviewing music from 2013 that doesn't have the words 'heavy' and/or 'metal' in the title is confusing enough! This band are classed as 'Post Punk' and they're not too bad, really. Genre names suck.

The album itself has a almost isolationist vibe to it, sounding quite sparse and minimalist. The second track, "I Am Here", is a nice frantic little number although the chorus reminds me a bit of  "Feelgood Hit Of The Summer". "She Will" is another lively number. The whole thing makes me think of that bit of the early 00's (2004, 2005 maybe?) when it seemed a few bands were doing this stuff. These guys are obviously a lot better. Well, I say guys but they're a female band. The singer (Jehnny Beth) is great, mind, I thought she was going to be one of those singers who over-pronounce words in an attempt to sound bohemian or something, but she's French and it was her accent (If you're reading this, sorry about that!) The highlight for me though, is the bassist, a lady called Ayse Hassan. Quite a thumping bass which rattles through all the songs with tremendous power! The guitars are quite low in the mix and sound all discordant and kick up quite a racket! The album finishes with a nice clarinet led instrumental!

This is really unlike anything I've ever heard before, although I reckon that's more down to the fact I have a narrow scope for music (Hey, I tried to branch out but I got the first Duffy album - enough said). The only band I can think about comparing these with is probably Joy Division but I think that's more to do with them being a similar style, a similar genre. Hopefully, Savages will become as popular but not release a song as crap as "Love Will Tear Us Apart". Yes, I said it.

All in all, it's a good album. I may be coming back to this a bit more often than I think.

7/10 - This is good and well worth a check.

Chris J.

You can buy this album on iTunes.


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