12 October 2013

Placebo - Loud Like Love

The recent spate of Placebo reviews completed by our fine blog team are no coincidence.  It's because they (Placebo) had a new album coming out.  And here it is:

It's called 'Loud Like Love' and was released in September this year. It's the result of a creative surge from Brian Molko, who had initially intended to have enough songs for 2012's B3 EP (which I've not heard yet... watch this space).  I've took my time getting this review out, mainly because I'm awesome at procrastination (as you may know).

The album itself is pretty good. But only pretty good. It's not groundbreaking and certainly won't set the world on fire.  What it does do though, is please Placebo's army of fans with more of the same, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  The familiar themes run through this record; love, sex, drugs and emo heartbreak, again, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  For the record, I consider myself a fan (This Placebo-Fest was my idea).

Title track and opener (I love it when bands do that) 'Loud Like Love' is a out and proud rousing number, it's good.  'Too Many Friends' I love, an ambiguous Placebo reaction to the loneliness of the modern age.  A personal favourite track here is 'Hold On To Me', it's slow, romantic and nice with a semi-understandable muttered monologue.  With Molko asking "Who let the cat out of the bag? / Who told the world that I was older?".  There are a few signs of Molko's age concern here, most notably on the aforementioned 'Too Many Friends'.

'Exit Wounds' and 'Rob The Bank' pick up the pace, in that Placebo way, but don't pack the same punch as songs like 'Every You, Every Me'.  I love the depressive, introverted piano led album, closer 'Bosco'.

If there is a problem with Placebo (aside from the nasal drawl of Brian Molko, which as a fan I don't mind) it's that Placebo are consistent.  It seems that all of their albums are interchangeable, tracks here wouldn't look out of place on Battle for the Sun, or any other to be honest.

But, as I've said a couple of times already; that isn't necessarily a bad thing.  For me anyway.

7/10:  This is good, and well worth a check.

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Spotify.  Yes, this one's on Spotify!

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