7 October 2013

Name Taken - Hold On

Due to the way Spotify is ran sometimes it makes predictions about what I should listen to, some of them are well off, sometimes they are quite interesting; but then sometimes it shows a cover that perks my interest no end; but necessarily for the right reason.  This is the case today with the final release by Name Taken called 'Hold On'.  To be honest I have never heard about them before, but what I have found out since reading up on them for this blog is that this is where the band Panic At The Disco took their name.  Listening to the music it makes perfect sense to be honest; this is what Emo music used to be before it became a statement.  Musically, this is very much in the same vein as Saves The Day, as well as Gratitude and Far (ie - these guys owe an awful lot to Jonah Matranga and Co), but how is the album as a whole.

With this album I feel like I am listening to a genesis point for a genre; as stated above these guys remind me a lot of some of the big early names of Emo and this is a compliment to them, they have a very crisp sound.  Songs such as "A Year Spent Cold", "Clear And Conscious" and "It Sounds Prettier In Spanish" all sound fantastic and the performance in the genre is really good.  Also I find the cover is very pretty and the production is quite good.  So it is with a great sense of shame that this is where the pleasantries have to stop.

The main reason for this is that Emo whilst being a limited genre in someways, it can be uplifting and heartbreaking in one go; it has the power to pull on the heart strings and make the listener transfer their mind state to a plain where they are either comforted or in a state of almost euphoria (especially if you have seen some of the other blogs on this subject).  Now whilst this is from the early beginnings of the genre when it was still a tiny sub-genre of Post Hardcore, the riffs are just plain boring.  After the three songs named above I have difficulty making any distinction between any of the other tracks.  It merges into one big sea of riffs which all sound the same.  I have heard more variation in a grindcore album from the darkest Eastern Europe, and that is saying something.  It is a shame as there are signs here that it could have been better things to come, but if this was them at their best then maybe it was for the best they did end.  File under the term - wish I hadn't bothered.

2.5 out of ten - If only there was some quality control

You can purchase the album from Amazon here

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

As the band is no longer together and have not been for ages there is no website, but here is a link to a fan ran Facebook page

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