24 October 2013

Motörhead - Aftershock

An album at one point I was sort of scared would not be coming; Motörhead are like an institution in the halls of metal and Rock N Roll (they take elements from both and are Lemmy is a self confessed Rock N Roll fan before metal, that is enough for me). When Lemmy fell ill last year (who had thought it would have happened), I was not sure what would happen, but it seems that the devil has plans for Mr Kilmister, Dee and Campbell.  This is their 21 studio album and it has one of the most interest covers from Motörhead for a long time, also it is being held as a return to form (I really get sick of that sort of phrase with older band) and has came out nicely in time for their annual winter tour of the UK.  I will be honest I am not expecting anything out of the ordinary here, I am expecting a good metal/Rock N Roll album so let's see what has been unleashed upon the world....

Well, first off I will firstly announce that they have not tinkered with the formula so don't expect anything out of the ordinary here in the sense of change.  Unlike some of the other band's they used to run with, Motörhead have never wanted to do anything other than a kick ass album.  But much like AC/DC who also don't try to fix what works, you get the odd turkey amongst the back catalogue.  This brings us to question of which type of album we have here - the product that is working well or the product that is just too 'by the numbers' for its own good.

The thing here is that the album will always be viewed how much you like Motörhead, more so than if it was any other heavy metal band (with the exception of Iron Maiden & Slayer). Musically it is very good here, songs like "Death Machine", "Heartbreaker" and "Keep Your Powder Dry" are very good and will mix in well with the classics at the next serious of Motörhead gigs.  But the songs will replace songs that were from the last album 'The Wörld Is Yours' that they played on the tour before that.  The album is not bad, it is well played but it apart from the awesome cover (which is one of the best Motörhead covers in an awfully long time); it is nothing more than a good addition to the collection, worth checking out but no better than that.  I will expect complaints from Lemmy worshipers to the usual address.  

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

You can purchase the album from Amazon here

You can visit the Motörhead website here

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Here is the video for "Heartbreaker"

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