13 October 2013

EMF Schubert Dip

Now I have never listened to this band outside of their big single, never wanted to and never intended to change that status.  Until about three weeks ago; I was at work and some of the people there were talking about bands that were around when they were younger and I mentioned how I felt about the song "Unbelievable" by EMF.  Then two of the people in the conversation said who?  This sort of made me feel old in one way, but it is hardly surprising in some ways.  They were a flash in the pan for one song, had a few albums in the top 40 and a few top 40 singles, but they never matched the interest in that first song "Unbelievable" which made the top of the Billboard 100 in the USA.  But still it sort of stuck in my mind, so now as part of the blog I will have a new part where I will review an album by an artist that these people from work have not heard of.  Sounds like a plan for a Dave Gorman sketch show......

Hailing from Cinderford in the UK, they came out of nowhere really in 1990, according to the articles I have read today they are classed as part of the Madchester scene, but saying as they were closer to Wales than Manchester I feel that is a little bit of a lie and they musical sound was nothing like the Madchester lot.  You might as well count The Shamen as part of that lot which is a load of bollocks.  If anything they were just an indie rock/dance hybrid that a had a tune which went global for a brief moment, so I will get this over and done with - "Unbelievable" is like a 90's chicken song; it is that level where everyone and their gran's knew of it at the time and it was played everywhere.  It was as addictive as crack and as annoying.  So coming to this album was not something that I was really looking forward to.

The rest of the album is for want of a better word, shit.  It is trying to be serious and it makes it more awful, I cannot put into words how I truly feel about songs like "Lies", "Girl Of An Age" (BTW, directly to EMF - no, but fucking no), "Long Summer Days" and the rest of this festival of dross without first consulting a lawyer for what I can say without making a statement which is counted as defamation of character.  The fact that the world has forgotten this band is probably for the best, I just feel bad that whilst having to listen to this album I have ended up giving them a pittance via Spotify (and Spotify should pay more to the artists).  Now I don't feel so bad that some band from my youth has been forgotten, because they are shit.  Here end the lesson, move on there is nothing else to see here.

0 out of ten - This is proof there is not a God.

You can purchase the album from Amazon here

You can visit the band's website here

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

Here is the video to "Unbelievable"

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