24 October 2013

Doomriders - Grand Blood

Well after the last few hours of crazy it is time for a look at something total random. As usual for people who come here with some regularity (and if not why not), as well as going for stuff I know I will like, every now and then I like to go for something a little bit random.  So a few days whilst on the old FaceSpace page on the side bar there was an advert showing an interest picture, which turned out to be the cover that is shown above.  I have not heard of this band until two days ago, but upon seeing that image, I was sure I needed to hear it.  Upon looking a little further into the band, I have found out this is a side project (it seems all bands are these days) of Nate Newton of Converge and Old Man Gloom.  When I first heard it, I got in touch with Mr Jerm (one of the other bloggers in the team) as I thought it would be right up his street and he came back saying it sounded like a slowed down Slayer.  So, in light of this I thought I would have a look into this and give another point of view and see how much of the trash demons are in this, or if Mr Jerm was talking balls....

After a brief intro we are thrown into a world of pain with "New Pyramids" which is like a hammer to the skull.  This is pretty much a sign of things to come with the passing of "Mankind", "Grand Blood", "Bad Vibes" and the rest of the album are all very abrasive and brutal.  There is no other gear on this album apart from violent.  Not that it will make you violent, but it is just on a constant attack - although "Gone To Hell" starts like a weird waltz that would confuse the masses if it made the charts.  Apart from that song the album is designed to be a place for aggression to exist and for the mind to exercise the demons.  Also, this is nothing like Slayer - well maybe the punk covers album slightly, but that is where the comparison ends. 

As a fan of this type of music, I find this album very entertaining; however it is also a little bit by the numbers.  You can sense that as well as it is played (which is extremely well) and the production job is also stellar that if it was not in your collection, it would not really be missed.  It is not that they are not very good; it is just that it does nothing to distinguish itself from the rest of the market.  It is a good record and if you’re still awaiting the next Converge album, this may take your interest for a few moments; just don't expect the world to more any more than the 1038 miles per hour it was going to move any way.

6 out of ten - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

You can purchase the album from Amazon here

Here is a link to their webpage (possibly on their label - not 100% sure)

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

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