10 October 2013

Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip - Repent Replenish Repeat

People who have met me in real life will probably have heard me talk about what I like to refer to as the most intelligent act in hip hop in the world; that's right I am saying these guys are more clever than Public Enemy, Jay Z, A Tribe Called Quest, Kayne West (rock star my arse - you’re a rap star and an ego maniac) and any other rap act you can think of; for me Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius are the best act out there - these guys are just that good.  Since their last album 'The Logic Of Choice' in 2010 both guys have released solo albums - Mr Le Sac released 'Space Between Words" and Mr Pip with 'Distraction Pieces' with varying results (both are good, but to be honest 'Distraction Pieces' edged it for me....just); but both albums were not as good as the two joint efforts that had came before hand.  Yet I feel it was good that they did those albums as they have come back refreshed after their experiences.  Also, they are both still reachable on Facebook, twitter, the radio (Pip has a show on X-Fm) - they are just a very good act both on records and on stage.  So it is with a little hesitation that I come to this album, I don't want this album to be the normal difficult third album.  It has happened time and time again, so with expectations in check it is time to listen to 'Repent Replenish Repeat'.

Starting with the brutal "Stunner" which was released as a free download before the album was released; this is a much harsher album musically.  The opening lyrics about wants the listener to be crying happy tears when they think of this moment again, the lyrics and musical attack just keep on coming all the way through the song and it a breath taking start to an album.  Then comes the tale of night time travelling with "Night Bus Sleepers" (they do like to make songs about night time travelling), this is a beautiful tale about travelling on the London night bus services and the things that you would see if you were on the same trips.  Next though is a moment of true beauty; "Terminal".  This is a tale of a 16 hours romance without love or sex, with ecstasy and a perfect time before the girl vanishes into the waters of the Thames without a leave.  It is haunting and as you get near the end, I dare anyone not to have fallen in love with this song - it is the album's best moment and it is only track three!  

Now you might think that it is all downhill from here - this is really not the case, just because the best song was the third one does not mean the rest is shite; really this is not the case.  With "Heroism" Pip goes on about his own thoughts and what he feels about heroism and what it means.  Mentioning Nicholas Cage takes him on shaky ground for me, but that is because I have a love/hate relationship with Mr Cage.  But the slow groove of the song provided by Mr Le Sac is a perfect back drop - so far, not one bad song.  This is followed by a brilliant song called "Porter" which deals about a night porter who is working a psychiatric ward and talks about the people in their rooms which a stunning restrained and subtle backing.  It is Mr Le Sac that is the shining moment on this track by giving a reserved and measured backing to a very difficult subject that is also handled with grace.

After this comes the second track which was released before the album was released which goes on about the image that is projected by modern rappers and how it is not exactly a positive image to be shown; you don't need all the blink, you just need to bring it (did you hear that Mr West!).  So six tracks down, still not one weak moment - currently having to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming.  Anyway, we are then treated to "Entity" which deals about how people are still the same on the inside after all the layers and shields are put on top of a person, "Stiff Upper Lip" quickly follows with its mashing up of break beats and how the political scene needs to be changed (something I totally agree with) which is again another fantastic moment and then the album is closed with "You Will See Me" which starts with some quiet moments and ends in a flood with Pip and Le Sac showing people who have heard them before that they will use their experiences with them to make them better and to show them that they walked away from something special.  Truly a mesmerising end to a towering record.

So I think that you can guess which way I am leaning with this, this album has exceeded my expectations and I am truly amazed by this record; I have been listening to this for the last four days and the result each time is that I want to listen to it again.  This is as perfect an album as has been released this year and it is automatically in the mix for my personal album of the year.  Dan Le Sac, Scroobius Pip - well done sirs, well done.  Now; repent, replenish and repeat....

10 out of ten - This is proof there is a God

You can purchase one of the versions of the albums from Amazon here

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Here is the fantastic video to "Stunner" - 

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