18 September 2013

Warrior Soul - The Space Age Playboys

Ah, the joys of the internet - for years I was hunting down records by this band.  Not because I like them, until I started this review I had not even heard these guys.  But I had read reviews of them when I was a scamp and they seemed to be cool and had a strange singer with mad views.  I actually remember making a promise to myself to listen to them one day, sort of like when I thought I would listen to Frank Zappa album and that took me many years as well.  So here I am a few years too late, but I have still managed to get there.  Story of my frigging life......
Warrior Soul is basically Kory Clarke and whoever was available at the time of each album by the looks of their history.  The band was formed as part of a bet after he had done a solo show in New York (In America) under the name 'Kory Clarke/Warrior Soul' and he said in six months he would have Warrior Soul being the biggest band in New York. He was signed to Geffen records within 9 months for one million dollars.  After four albums they were let go as the tides of the musical world had gone to grunge and alternative metal such as Faith No More.  Unperturbed, Warrior Soul dusted themselves down, changed a few members, got a record contact with Music For Nations (one of the old school rock labels who would release anything, ultimately folded under debt (a very sad day) and went to release this album.

Now I know I keep saying this, but why did I not check this out sooner.  From "Rocket Engines" to "I Just Wanna", this is full on punk/glam fury.  Clarke himself calls it Acid Punk, hence the label at the bottom of this blog, but I can hear a lot of glam in here and I can also hear a shit load of attitude from a punk point of view and if they were not an influence on The Wildhearts and Backyard Babies, then they were contemporises of them.  For my first listening to this band I was enthralled, I just love the whole vibe that is going on with this record.  Personal favourites for me include "Star Ride", "Let's Get Wasted", their cover of David Bowie's "Moonage Daydream" and "No No No".  

There is no weak moment on this record, this is not a moment that this listener was not hypnotised and loving this record.  Whilst I'm loving it (and will score it accordingly), it will be done with a side note.  I also see why this band did not take over the world.  They came out after their time; let me explain - if these guys had have came out just a few years earlier, they would have ruled the roost for a few years with the Motley Crue and Guns N Roses.  But they came out when the world had moved on, so they came across a little bit out of time.  One of the people on this blog was a little less curteous about the fact I was reviewing this band; but that does not mean a thing to me here. First time listening and I love it, this album is an instant classic for me and I love everything about it. Whilst not quote proof of the existence of a deity, it comes damn close!

9 out of ten - Almost perfect, almost....

You can purchase the album from here

Here is a link to the singer's website where you can follow what is happening with him and Warrior Soul

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

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