15 September 2013

Tired Pony - The Place We Ran From

You know, sometimes there is so much choice that you miss something that you were incredible interest in hearing.  When I was younger I was very interested in R.E.M. and anything that they were up to.  After they split up in 2011 I went through their back catalogue with pleasure.  When reading up on them, I found that Peter Buck had joined a project which was originally to be the solo album of Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol.  Reading more into it I found out that this was a supergroup with Richard Collburn of Belle & Sebatain, writer Ian Archer and his wife Miriam Kaufmann, plus producer Jacknife Lee which Buck joined later.  On a brief side note, upon looking into who played on this album I found that the ex-guitarist of 3 Colours Red, Chris McCormack played on this as well. Then I promptly forgot about it until today when I spotted a twitter post by Tony Wright of VerseChorusVerse fame talking about listening to their work.  So here we are, a little late but it is time to find out how this project faired.

Now I have to put it out here from the beginning that Snow Patrol are not one of my favourite bands, in fact in someways they bore and excite me in equal measure.  So having a project which is the singer releasing what he termed as " a country album" and that the singers band mates were excited about because it let him "exercise all his crazy ideas" makes me wonder what ideas were they hiding in the first place, because Snow Patrol are not exactly know for the left-way of thinking of jazz break downs.  What we do have is an album that will do what it says on the tin - it is a country album.

Now depending on your leaning on Country music will let you know whether or not you will like this.  It is very traditional in its leaning, songs such as "The Good Book" and "Get On The Road" are very good examples of where this band are at and their aims.  Not trying to reinvent the wheel, not trying to make the world a different place, they are just trying to make an album which moves the heart.  It doesn't quite work for me to be honest - I can see where my heart should go, but I am not taking my breath in short bursts when I am listening to "Pieces", "Dead American Writers" or "Held In The Arms Of The Words".  They are well performed and put together, the song writing is of a high quality; it just does not move me.  To be honest, I would go and get yourself a copy of the VerseChorusVerse stuff, much better than this (Sorry Tony), but I would not be too unhappy of this was given to me.

6 out of ten - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

You can purchase the album from Amazon here

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Live version of "Get On The Road"

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