30 September 2013

Osiah - Reborn Through Hate (EP)

A while ago I heard about a project one of my friend's was doing some live guitar work for Osiah, from reading into this is a side project for the guitarist Ricky Lee Roper from XIsForEyes.  To be absolutely honest I liked the Facebook page cause of my said friend was in them, and pretty much forgot about them; just the way of the world sometimes.  What has happened in the meantime is that Osiah have became a total studio project and have been put on the back burner for a few months whilst XIsForEyes has been Mr Roper's main focus.  Anyway over the last weekend there has been a little bit of a push in regards to this EP to give it a little more publicity.  So better late than never, it is time to listen to Osiah and find out what all the fuss is about.

What we have on this EP is some quality blast beats, mental guitar work and some of the best Grindcore/Death Metal that I have heard in quite a while.  Out of the seven tracks here, two of them are atmospheric build ups, whilst the rest is just is brutal metal that feels like a boot is kicking you in the head for the rest of eternity.  Out of the five full tracks on here, the best one for me is "The Blood Soaked Meadows"; it is that perfect mix of grindcore, death metal riffage and some fantastic blast beats that will have some people feeling as if they have shat in their pants with excitement.  

There is not one weak moment of this EP, from "Decomposing Vanity" to the brilliant "The Son Of Perdition" there is just quality metal on here.  Whilst it is a shame that they are now a studio project, if it is a to be the route they/he heads down then if this is a shape of things to come it will be an interesting ride; just like the EP, this review is a short sharp shock. 

5 out of five - I wish I had extra ears to love this more

There is no website, but here is a link to his Facebook page

You can listen to the EP on Bandcamp here (and it will be up for download here soon as well)

Here is a link to download the EP for free from Mediafire from the man himself

Here is a link to the Osiah YouTube channel

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