20 September 2013

Ministry - Rio Grande Dub(ya)

I think this is the first remix album that we have reviewed on here - and as Ministry are such big fans of releasing this sort of stuff it is only fitting that they were the first artists to be reviewed.  Ministry formed in 1981, originally a synth pop band with more in common to Depeche Mode than anything else - if you don't believe me, check out their first album 'With Sympathy'.  Over the years they slowly got heavier, more political.  Their crowning glory was the album 'Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs' which took them around the world and was a scathing condemnation of George Bush Sr.  After a few more releases they split up for a bit, then came along George W Bush Jr, and this lit a fire in Al Jourgensen which awoke the beast that is Ministry.  It has been stated the Ministry are at the venomous best when there is a in the White House and on the strength of their releases it is hard to argue against that point.  However, they have also been very much up there when it comes to remixes and album.  This one came out a year after the fantastic 'Rio Grande Blood' - so have the remixes made this an enhanced release, or another money grabbing release to take money from the masses?

When a remix is done correctly it can be uplifting and change the tone of the original album - alternatively it can sound like a labour of cash bells ringing for the record company.  Fear Factory used to remix every album and some of them were truly awful - just putting a dance beat over a song is not enough (in 99.99% of the cases - every now and then a freak of nature turns up that works).  Most of the tracks on this album were remixed by Clayton Worbeck; noted industrial producer who is also a member of Jourgensen's other major project - Revolting Cocks.  For the record, Jourgensen has released music under many different names, I will get to that another day - I have one hell of a review planned for one particular release.

Now onto this record - just like all things how you feel about an album of remixes of songs depends on your feelings towards the genre itself.  This album is both amazing and extremely tedious at the same time - I love everything that is on this album at this moment, and that is the thing about it as one day I will have it on and I will think it is one of the biggest wastes of time ever.  Whilst it is not the super rare essential remix album, it is both good and bad at the same time.  This is the curse of the remix album; it both enhances and removes from the source material.  Any song of this album will go down a storm in a cyber gothic or rock club with an industrial edge, however as a separate release it is both essential release and for people who must own every album only; and this is from someone who has the album as well.  Nothing on here really stands out from the original source or the rest of the pack on here, but it both infuriates and exhilarates at the same time – file under frustration....

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