24 September 2013

Lords Of Bastard - Lords Of Bastard

From over the border in Edinburgh, Scotland comes this group of psychedelic noise monsters called Lords of Bastard.  According to their Facebook, their first release was in 2007 with a 7" single with this album following in 2008.  There is not much I can say about the background of this band as I don't know too much.  My main reason for finding out about them was the fact they are playing Newcastle upon Tyne very shortly and they have Druganaut supporting them. 

To be honest about this release, what the band has done is follow the basic rule of sludge & psychedelic rock - turn it up as loud as possible and go for it! Starting with the foot stomping and awesome "Kingsize Karma" and they up the bar with the subtle "The Old 'Reflection In The Bathroom Mirror' Trick".  After this you get the fantastic pairing of "Fucking Hell" and "Quite Quiet" that draw from the well of space age subtle Sabbath vibe.  After this you get the 70's vibe with "Impossible Fight Song" with its amazing fret work and pulsing bass line. Just when I thought they could not top themselves, up comes "Agoraphobe Fantastico".  Somehow these guys have taken the sound of 70's rock, sludge, 'King For The Day....' Faith No More and for some reason a Hitchcock movie soundtrack and created a slice of music heaven.

When they bring up their next slice of sludge wonder with "The Burning Of The Midnight Plant" bring the speed up and dropping it down with a bass line which Geezer Butler is wanting back.  Then comes the final duo which is the shortest track "Off With Their Head" and the longest track (and shining moment of the whole album) "The Uayeb".  This starts with a moody opening which focuses on the rumbling bass, floating guitar and delicate drumming.  This song is about expanding the mind and soul and at the sixth minute they bring out their own form of desert rock.  It brings to an end a fantastic album of psychedelic stoner rock.  They have another album out which I cannot wait to listen to, and this album is a fantastic starting place.

8 out of ten - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart

You can purchase the album from Amazon here

There is no band website, but you can keep up to date with their activities on Facebook

You can also visit the band's Bandcamp page here

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

The video link thing is playing silly buggers, but here is a link to a live performance of "Kingsize Karma"

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