11 September 2013

Hatred Surge - Human Overdose


I didn’t know a whole lot about Hatred Surge before volunteering to review this album. When I say not a whole lot I mean I’d never even heard of them a little bit. I figured it would be nice to review something fresh for a change and an album I’m reviewing purely because I like the band and want other people to acknowledge that fact.

Obviously I wasn’t going into it completely blind (deaf?). With a name like Hatred Surge and a cover like that it’s hardly going to Funk-tinged R&B so I had a far idea of what was in store.
And so, with that in mind and utilising the magnificent powers of the internet I can inform you they are a Death Metal influenced Power Violence band formed by a former member of Grindcore luminaries The Locust. Jolly good.

The album opens with 3 minutes of atonal, droning noise that eventually gives in to the first track proper, Psychonaut.  It kicks in and continues with an immense riff, the kind of riff you can’t help but hum to yourself, spraying anyone within range with spittle. Most of the songs on Human Overdose are short, with Four Walls and Body both being less than a minute. Only the aforementioned PsychonautGod Complex and the closing title track are over two minutes long.

The production is equal parts great and disappointing. The sound is beefy and warm rather than the tinniness often found with Grindcore. The guitars sound thick, warm and pummelling.
For some reason though, the vocals are too low down in the mix, robbing them of any punch. Alex Hughes’s roared screams should be melting faces not straining to be heard.
Also, the harshness and breakneck pace of Human Overdose never gives up which means, despite the brevity, it still feels a little samey towards the end of the album. It’s a shame as, individually, each track is great.
6 out of 10 - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

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