1 September 2013

Guilty Pleasures - an ATTIWLTMOWOS Spotify mix list

The art work above is by D*Face & called 'Guilty Pleasures'. You can find more information about D*Face on this link and the Artsy page.

This is the long promised "Guilty Pleasure" list that I have been promising; a guilty pleasure is a song that you have guilt for liking, or you know that other people will have mocking material over you.  All of these songs have been hand pick by us - at gun point for one of us - and for more shame value we have also wrote a bit of why we like each song.  I hope you all revel in our shames.

Michael Jackson - Earth Song - I picked this because I love the drama and had a bit of a crush on him when I was younger.  Then - I realised he was perhaps a little poorly - there were these awful allegations and - well - potential God complex – Helen

Angels and Airwaves - The Adventure - Sometimes musician's try to sound grown up, the album this is off is the bass player from Blink 182 wishing he was in U2 and falling way short - however I love this song and it shames me to my soul - Eddie

Train - Drops of Jupiter. When this came out, I wouldn't have called it a guilty pleasure. It's a great song. It's a guilty pleasure now because I've discovered that Train actually suck huge floppy donkey cock. – Pete

Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok. I always swear that I'll run a mile if anyone mentions Abba or musicals in their breath, but with reference to the Thai capital, even Bjorn and Benny couldn't avoid making reference to the odd brothel. Or two. - Marc

UB40 - Red, Red Wine - Fucking pointless bad, they give reggae a bad name; but I have liked this song since I was young. - Chris Chaney

Fall Out Boy – Sugar, We’re Going Down -  I used to feel a little ashamed and angry with myself for liking Fall Out Boy but, like murder gets easier with every kill, the shame and anger faded away the more I listened to them. . This song was my first victim. - Luke

Kajagoogoo - 'Too Shy'. Underrated 80's song. Basically sounds typical of its era without too much cheese. - Chris Jermyn

Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles - In these very pages, I gave the album that this song was from a fair old pasting; however I did admit I loved this song, so by definition it should be here. – Eddie

Ten City - That's The Way Love Is - One of the earliest Chicago House tracks which got me into dance music. - Chris Chaney

M.I.A. - Bad Girls - A little bit more bashful about this one - but I enjoy it! - Helen

Simon Webbe - Lay Your Hands On Me - Yes, it is a song from one of the members of Blue; yes it is so cheesy even Pizza Hut thinks it is unhealthy, but what a top quality pop song - Eddie

Robbie Williams - Come Undone. Back when Robbie was doing massive gigs and massive amounts of drugs and thought he was in Oasis, he wrote some awesome songs. This autobiographical number was my favourite. -Pete

Katy Perry - E.T. - Yes, yes - I love it! I am not afraid to blaze this out the car speakers WITH the window down – Helen

Cardigans - Erase/Rewind (Kleerup Remix). More sugar from Sweden, but this 2008 version is a little pepped up bowl of kudos from the Play station I era. And who says that Nina Persson can't sing (?) – Marc

Take That – Wooden Boat My wife’s favourite band and one who’s songs I’ve had forcibly rammed into my subconscious for years. Wooden Boat is the last track on their 2006 album Beautiful World. It’s sung by Jason Orange and, unlike anything else they’ve done, is just a really pretty little folk song that kind of tells a story. – Luke

The La's - There She Goes - This is one of those songs that makes me feel happy, despite being music that I usually detest. - Chris Chaney

Erasure – Sometimes Even at my most ‘all non-metal music is shit’ in the early nineties I always had a soft spot for these gay icons. Great fun to sing loudly along to. - Luke

The Faders - Jump. Nice little slice of teen pop by a band who were marketed as 'the female Busted'. Reminds me of when I split from my ex. Its teen pop but still a good song. Nice melody and an ear-candy production that’s not too sweet. - Chris Chaney

Take That - Rule The World - Obvious really - Helen

My Chemical Romance - I'm Not OK (I promise). The Ultimate Emo Anthem. Funny video, but an awesome venom fuelled bag of angst. - Pete

Vapors - Turning Japanese. Always loved this rock n' roll tune since I first heard it aged 6 and it's clearly about lusting after a Japanese female, possibly Maria Ozawa. – Marc

Right Said Fred – Deeply Dippy Probably one of the best pop songs written in the last 25 years. My two favourite bits are when the horns kick in and “A contact sport”. - Luke

Renaissance - Northern Lights - Fairport Convention-ish group, and this was their biggest hit. I'm forever enchanted by Annie Haslam's vocals and when I heard it for the first time in 30 years since nursery I thought, I'm back in short trousers! – Marc

Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone - Everything about this song screams bland, soulless pop music for the X factor generation, yet despite all this I still like it.  I have no soul.... – Eddie

New Kids On The Block - Hangin' Tough. I like NKOTB, as we all know, and it was either this song, 'Cover Girl' or 'Tonight'. I chose this one as it’s got a catchy chorus. Great bit of pop from the same puppeteer who brought us New Edition. If you can, get the version with the guitar solo. - Chris Jermyn

Count Indigo - My Unknown Love - Lounge music which gained notoriety on the coat tails of the Austin Power Movies.  Its reason for existing is contrived and even thought it was original a Mike Flower's song it is a top tune. - Chris Chaney

The Rasmus - 'Guilty'. Sounds like 80's hair metal with a big anthemic chorus! - Chris Jermyn

McFly - Five Colours in her Hair. Don't care what you say, McFly are awesome. Good lads, brilliant musicians, charity darlings. This song catapulted them to stardom, putting their mates in Busted to shame. - Pete

Barry Manilow - Copacabana - I hate Barry Manilow (that is a surprise), but it is one of those cheesy 70's numbers that I seem to like for no fucking reason - Chris Chaney

Insane Clown Posse - Juggalo Homies - From the same group who made a wrestling company, who covered their fans in pop and had a feud with Eminem.  This song is just awful, on many levels and I just cannot get over it. Le sigh..... - Eddie 

Daphne & Celeste - Ooh Stick You. In the year 2000, Daphne & Celeste played Leeds and Reading. I was one of the few down the front bouncing away, loving the irony and the punk attitude on display as beer bottles rained on the poor duo. - Pete

Jedward – Waterline I’m a huge Eurovision fan and this song should have done way better than it did the year it was entered. I haven’t a clue what the spiky haired freaks are on about in it but it’s got a great chorus. - Luke

Tony Orlando & Dawn - Tie A Yellow Ribbon. Tony Christie's (Is This The) Road to Amarillo has been trampled on mercilessly by millions of listeners, beaten up and died a brutal death, so only a question of time before the novelty factor is befallen on the Knock Three Times act and mimed by Michael McIntyre. – Marc

Lady Gaga - Born This Way - Loud, messy, ear hurting genius - Helen

Damian - The Time Warp - Amended after some recent news, but a timeless classic camped up to the 9's - Chris J

And if your feeling up to it, you can listen to our musical sins on this list here

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