19 September 2013

Gay Paris - The Last Good Party

Another band I stumbled onto by chance, there doesn’t seem to be a whole of information about the band around on the internet so I’ll just have to use what I know about them. Maybe that’s a good thing I dunno.  Here goes.

Gay Paris (I’m assuming it’s pronounced the fancy way) are an Australian band, like the last band I reviewed, who mix Art Rock ideas with a bluesy Stoner Rock groove. There’s a strong Clutch influence on the music while vocalist Wailin H Monks has more than a touch of Tom Waits to his voice.  They have bags of energy and enthusiasm, they sound like a great band to see live and the band genuinely sound like they had a lot of fun recording The Last Good Party,

However, this is a strange album to listen to; On the one hand it sounds like it could be being played by burly rednecks that would tear off your head if you spilled their moonshine.  And then, on the other, there’s an air of skinny jean wearing, Indie hipsters who want to impress you with impenetrable lyrics and nonsensical song titles. This juxtaposition actually works quite well and Gay Paris have a good, identifiable sound in a genre of bands who just want to sound like Black Sabbath or Kyuss,

Downsides:  The majority of song titles just feel like a collection of words and often come across too try hard and pompous to me. Sometimes it’s okay to have the title in the chorus!
Also, partly due to the fact that a lot of what is being sung is tricky to understand and as all of the songs are similarly paced, the songs tend to blend into one another. After several listens I’m often unsure which song actually I’m listening TO.

 A couple of songs do stand out though, The Demarcation Of Joseph Hollybone, takes its foot off the pedal slightly and has some great singalong ‘Whoohoo’s’ in it.  Son Of A Butcher Parliament is built around a great dirty blues riff and goes all menacingly slow and Doomy in the middle before finishing with some melancholic piano and mournful harmonies.

The faults this album has are far outweighed by its positives though and, as cheesy as it sounds, this is best played LOUD.

7 out of 10 This is good and well worth a check
The Video Adder has gone cacky again. You can watch the video for ASH WEDNESDAY BOUDOIR PARTY Here if you like,

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