17 September 2013

Day of rest - launch of Radio All The Time.... sort of

Sometimes I take a lot on for the team to do as a collective.  We have collective themes that we do, as well as individual ones that they pick; at the moment we are doing a look at the nominees for this year’s Mercury Music Prize (if Bowie doesn't win - we riot) and then there is the Manic Street Preachers back catalogue to go through.  However, I have decided to put up a new idea which I will be doing for the first few tries just to see if it works. What I did for the last week during the brief periods that I was not working was write down songs which were stuck in my head.  Today I have put up the list of what has been going through my head - both the good and the bad - and I hope you enjoy it.  Please feel free to comment and ask for additions to be added, the next one will be added in about two weeks time and I might see if one of the other guys are up for it.


Radio All The Time Playlist 1

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