14 September 2013

Brujeria - Matando Güeros

Ok, let me get this straight - this was an album recorded by Mexican drug lords on the run from the FBI, who happened to have a love of Grindcore and Death Metal?  As we all know that is a load of bollocks of the highest order, this band at the time had members of Fear Factory, Napalm Death and Faith No More in their ranks, it was released on Roadrunner records back when it was a metal label and was designed to shock from the image of a beheaded drug lord on the cover, the anti-American stance of the lyrics and the fact that they used to do shows by threatening the audience.  Shock for shocks sake is one of the best ways to describe this release.  Coming after the mighty Nailbomb, this was one of the more harsh releases of the early 90's.  Has age been kind, is it just shit or is it somewhere inbetween the two?

Given the members of the band, it should not be a surprise that this is brutal on many levels.  It is decided to make a group of angry people run around in a circle, beat each other up, and then give each other cheers and hugs once it has been done.  At 33 minutes long, it is over quite quickly as well - and all the song titles just give you an idea of the effort which goes on here - "Chingo de Meco" means "Shitload Of Cum", "Narcos Satánicos" means "Satanic Drug-Dealers"; you get the picture early on that this is not gonna be an album that wins many prizes for album of the year (unless you Jerm who asked me to blog this).    There is no point in going into the depth of the music, there is none - it is all brutal.  The music is as subtle as a brick and as straight as an arrow.  There is no deviation from their path which is to offend everyone and everything.....

....and I love it, it is simple in purpose and delivery.  I feel like I knew this album before it started and by the deity it is harsh.  I would not put it on all the time that is true.  I would probably not even own it to be honest; but I feel that for pure silliness, extreme metal can sometimes bring a curve ball.  I also have a feeling that this band will be subject to the laws of diminishing returns with each album that was released.  This is a great grindcore album, not a classic but still a very good release.

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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