17 September 2013

Black Spiders - This Savage Land

This might be curious to some people, who have followed the blog from the beginning, when I reviewed the first Black Spider album 'Sons Of The North' I was less than kind to them.  To be honest I was outright rude, but I will make no apologies for that.  Musically this band has quality, but the rest of everything that went on with that album (sexist lyrics, retro mindset, and lack of imagination) made it a turd of a record.  So when I heard they were going to release a new record, I made a vow to actually give it a listen to see if there has been any change in their ways or if it is more of the same.

This album was funded by a Pledge Music campaign just like Ginger Wildheart used for his last three releases.  Basically what happens is that fans invest in the album before it is released and can purchase various versions of the album which extras such as t-shirts, house shows, etc.  There have been many a successful campaign using this service and this one was no different (in fact I'm not too sure if Luke pledged towards it as he stated he has the album).  Now I would like to say that this album is a great improvement to the first one.  The music (which was not a problem with the first one) is of a high standard.  The speed rarely falls below stomp, even with the slow beginning of "Sleepy Demon" and its little play about rebellion at the beginning and its acoustic play-out, this album stomps from beginning to end although "Putting Love In This Place" is the standard ballad for the stoner band number.  Indeed from the opening of "Knock You Out" (could have been wrote to me after the last one - but I have no doubt that they have never heard of my blog) the mood is a lot more positive, not so hung up on trying to fuck every girl in the room and have all the booze as well.

There has been many improvements in this release compared to 'Sons Of The North', in fact there is nothing really wrong with this album; it is just that I get the same feeling from this that I did when I was watching the third Transformers movie.  Yes it is an improvement on the one that came before, but I am not really in a hurry to listen to it again.  The overall result of the album is an exercise in well played but ultimately incredible boring.  I am sure they are passionate about what they do (after seeing them on stage I can attest to that); yet for all that hard work, this work (whilst being an improvement) is dispensable.  I guess that this band will be one that is drifting by me and really should have been looked at by someone who is a fan of them (if there is a next time and we're still going, Luke can do it).  For me, it is all noise and little result which is a shame.

4.5 out of ten - Well it is alright, but still......

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