8 August 2013

Sepultura - Kairos

And so the Sepultura machine rolls on with this, their twelfth album. This is the second album without former drummer Igor Cavalera who left in 2006. This means that the band no longer have any Cavalera's due to Max having left in a hissy-fit in 1996 due to the band wanting to change managers. So he went off to form nu-metal collective Soulfly as well as make statements to the media saying how the band is just like a tribe and everyone gets along, even though there seemed to be a revolving-door policy which meant line-ups from album to album usually differed. During this time, Sepultura got a new vocalist (Derrick Greene) and have been plowing on ever since. Some of their output has been great ('Against', 'Roorback') and some hasn't ('Nation'). While Soulfly pandered to the worst aspects of nu-metal (You really weren't fooling anyone with those Kappa tracksuits, Max), Sepultura tried something new to then with concept albums - Dante XI (Based on 'The Divine Comedy' where some guy goes through the 9 Levels of Hell) and A-Lex which was based on 'A Clockwork Orange'. This album is supposedly based on the Greek concept of a time for action. But is it any good?

It's really good. Obviously not as good as early 90's Sepultura but as good as it'll get. Andreas Kisser is an underrated guitarist as some of the riffs on here are monsterous! The album itself flows along nicely and although it doesn't hit the heights of Prime-Time Seps, it still has enough groove and power to flatten the listener. Opening with both barrels ('Specturm' and 'Kairos' it sets the tone nicely), it then goes on to provide a veritible treat which, if we're honest, won't win any prizes for originallity but sometimes it's good to just have some basic meat-and-potatoes metal. The special edition includes a cover of 'Firestarter' by The Prodigy. All you need to know is it's better than the Gene Simmonds version.

Apart from the first two songs, another album highlight is a cover of the Ministry standard 'Just One Fix'. At first glace, it sounds like an awful idea but it's actually one of the album highlights! The production is good as well, all crisp and clear.

So while the bands best days are long since behind them, they continue to make decent music. It'll not win any awards but it's ok.

7/10 - This is good and well worth a check.

Chris J.

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