11 August 2013

Placebo - Placebo

Another album that I found, tidying up my dining room!

As I'm in the middle of a semi-productive streak at the moment, I decided I'd share my thoughts on this for you lovely readers.  Look out for the rest of Placebo's albums from the rest of the team.

But this is my idea, so I've got the eponymous debut album! Yay!

Apparently the kid in the red jumper on the album sleeve wanted to sue Placebo last year for "ruining his life".  If you're familiar with Placebo, and with the themes on this album (sex, drugs, depression, gender confusion, bisexuality, Teenage Angst) then you'll understand.  I bet they called him 'Nancy Boy' too.  Harsh, I guess.

I discovered Placebo due to being an eyeliner clad Manic Street Preachers fan aged 14.  Needless to say, I was impressionable but somehow understood the lyrical content here, but most importantly, loved the music.  The album begins with thumping drums on 'Come Home' ("pop punk for postponed suicides").  To this day, it's one of my favourites, and is double fast when performed live.

This album spawned 5 singles from it's 10 tracks: 'Bruise Pristine' (Awesome hookline: 'We were born to lose'), 'Come Home', '36 Degrees' (about being 'cold blooded'), 'Teenage Angst' and the massive hit 'Nancy Boy'.  There are 5 extra tracks on the 2006 reissue also.

Listening back to the album now I still get thoughts and feelings about the music and lyrics, and still identify to certain themes.  I'd like to think that this is because I was intelligent as a youngster! I love the fact that you can tell every song is by Placebo, that's sometimes important, but sometimes annoying.  Sometimes, Brian Molko's voice is annoying. I'm not into the slower songs ('Lady of the Flowers', 'Hang on to your IQ') but again, appreciate the content.

I'd recommend Placebo to anybody, except those who can't stand Molko.  He's a marmite kinda guy like Marilyn Manson to be honest.  I still love it today.

8/10: Oh, now you have my attention, and maybe my money, time and heart.

Placebo aren't on Spotify. Brian Molko doesn't like Spotify.

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