7 August 2013

Masked Intruder - Masked Intruder

Eddie: "Do Masked Intruder Pete. It's just your cuppa."

So here we go...

It turns out Eddie knows me very well indeed. It is just my cuppa!

Masked Intruder are a 4 piece based in Wisconsin. (HELLO WISCONSIN!)
I won't say they're from there, 'cos nobody knows their true identities.  They go by the names Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. There's a lot of theories on the old tinterweb about who they are, some say it's Chixdiggit in disguise. Frankly, I don't care. Not knowing is part of the fun.

This album is fully awesome.  I've listened to it loads of times.  You can. 'Cos it's short.  I just went for a cigarette and a cuppa.  The album was done when I got back.

So here's my review then:

The album has 13 tracks.  The longest 2 are (officially) 2:59.  Score, right?!
The songs are about stalking some chick, like, breaking into her house and playing love songs at her.  And it's lovely.  Harmonies, doo-wops, awesome pop-punk riffs delivered in short sharp blasts.  Just my cuppa indeed.

My highlights on here are hard to choose.  Because it's musically awesome, hilarious and breathtaking.  If you must make me choose, it'd be 'Stick 'em Up!' (The chorus goes: "Stick em up, stick em up, stick em up/I got a knife motherfucker, stick em up!") and 'Unrequited Love' 'cos it has a nice retro feel, is melodic and has great harmonies.  But then so does the rest of the album.

I apologise for waxing lyrical about this album, but it's class.  I'm not one for nerding out on punk forums trying to discover their true identites and analysing lyrics, but I will keep a beady eye on this band to see what they come up with next.

And actually, I'm withdrawing my apology.  I love this band because it's immature and fun.  And I'm 31 now.  I'm allowed this!

10/10:  This is proof that there is a god!

Fat Wreck Chords page (Oh yeah, they're on Fat Wreck now!  You can buy it here!)

Watch this!
Masked Intruder - I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight

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