8 August 2013

L.A Guns - L.A Guns

First off, I stand by what I may have said about hair-rock in a previous blog - it was played by a bunch of posers who were pretending to be rockers. In fact, they were merely popstars looking to get rich. It was definately a genre where it was more to do with how you looked than whether you were any good or not. Otherwise shit like Warrant wouldn't have made it. The fact that a lot of these bands (including the one that's the subject of this blog) would jump ship to either grunge, industrial or punk once glam fizzled out in the mid 90's says it all. One of my fave childhood memories is arguing with a bunch of glam rockers at a Bon Jovi* gig over who is better - Slayer and Morbid Angel or Poison and Bang Tango. Stupid, I know, as they're two seperate genres but there was kind of a war going on back then. They thought us thrashers were noisy scum bags and we thought they were preening pretty-boys. (Fact - Glam actually stood for 'Garish Los Angeles Music'). Having said that, I do have a soft spot for Motley Crue who may have been glam but a) they had tunes heavy enough to back themselves up and b) they were genuinely hellraisers and nasty people. By now, you're wondering why I'm reviewing something from a genre I usually hate? After the Katy Perry blog, I felt like reviewing something I could give a good kicking. Anyhow, onto the blog...

L.A Guns came from the same scene as Guns 'n' Roses. Hardly suprising as guitarist Tracii Guns was in a very early G'n'R line-up, only to be replaced by Slash (He himself had been rejected by Poison for the guitar spot in favour of CC Deville on the basis that Deville looked the part, which proves my point) - and Axl was in a very early L.A Guns line-up! TO be honest, it's confusing to discuss early line-ups for glam bands as they were extremely incestuous and interchanable with each other! L.A Guns had some initial success although to be fair, they probably spent as much time in G'n'R's shadow as they did racking the hits up. By the mid-90's they went punk and it wasn't the same. Last I heard they're still floating about somewhere but onto the album (To quote a scene from Monty Python & The Holy Grail; GET ON WITH IT!!!).

This album came out in 1988 and proved to be very popular! It's pretty much your standard hair-metal fare, songs about sex, cars and Hollywood bars! It's stuff that the average glammie will have heard many, many times before. Difference is - this album is good. Pretty damn good. I found myself liking it! Truth is, I used to have an L.A Guns album as one of the songs from it was featured in the movie 'Point Break' but this album shits all over it! Best song is "One More Reason" which reminds me of a kids cartoon theme. It also has the song 'Sex Action' (Direct and to the point!) which was a popular number back then and I used to hear it regularly on the radio. The rest of the songs are good as well but album highlights are deffo 'Sex Action', 'Electric Gypsy', 'Bitch Is Back', 'Shoot For Thrills', 'Down In The City' and of course, 'One More Reason'. The production is standard for the era - but seriously, I never had Tracii Guns down as being a good guitarist until I heard this. Now I'm not going back on my opinion that glam was a crap genre but these guys, along with Motley Crue (And G'n'R and WASP if you count them as hair metal. I don't, but I know people who do) are acceptable hair-metal.

Definately better than most of the 2nd Division glam bands that appeared by '88. Future releases wouldn't be as good. But that's just the way sometimes. What I set out to hate has claimed my attention. Which is odd...

9/10 - Almost perfect. Almost...

Chris J.

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