3 August 2013

Hey Hello! - Hey Hello!

I have held out reviewing this one for a while, I wanted to wait until it was commercially released.  This was the lighter side to the Mutation projects that Ginger Wildheart released - the wonderful Error 500 and fantastic The Frankenstein Effect. This is almost the sugary side of Ginger's musical reacting to the overall dark side that was Mutation and it shows off his love of pop, glam rock and his natural knack of writing a good tune.  On this album, Ginger had to learn to play the drums as he was determined to play all of the instruments and share the vocals with Victoria Liedtke from New York City in America.  The music was recorded in the UK and the songs were sent to Ms Liedtke to complete. So why have I waited to review this one.  For Mutation I was like an excited kid at Christmas and could not wait to share it with the world.

Well, the main reason for me avoiding the review has been that I wanted to live with this album a little bit more before I talked about it.  A lot of people love this record, love it a lot more than it's darker twin - which is understandable as it is much more approachable, a much more accessible release than Mutation by its very nature.  With songs like "Black Valentine" and "Swimwear" Ginger and Victoria have got songs that could be on the airwaves if it wasn't for Ginger's love of the odd swear word or ten.  The songs here are very well played, I cannot say the stuff like "The Thrill of It All", "Feral Days" and "Lock For Rock (And Other Sporting Clichés)" (my personal favourite of the album have been under performed; this is as well played as anything else Ginger has wrote in his pledge series, for someone who has just learnt the drums Ginger has took to the well and in Liedtke he has found a singer who is a nice counterpart to his slightly rougher delivery.

I think the problem I have with this album, is that even though the lyric matter still deals with the normal things that Ginger deals with (drugs, love and rock n roll), I just miss the darker side of what he does on this album.  I like that this is a purely pop album as far as Ginger is concerned - you would have to be dead not to tape you feet along to "I'm Going To Kiss You Everyday Like I'm Going Away" - but it is missing its darker side.  Mutation was all dark, but somehow it worked.  Maybe that was due to the amount of players on it; Hey Hello does work, don't get me wrong here - if you have any love of The Wildhearts, you will love this. But on a personal note, I just never come away from listening to this with the sense of joy that I do when I'm listening to Error 500 or any of the 555% triple album.  Maybe I am broken in some ways, too much Frank Zappa and Tool for my own good, but it is just too sugary.  This album has came out to great praise from the general press and from the fans themselves (again, rightly so) and it was a successful pledge campaign from Ginger again.  However, for me it just fell slightly short of what I was wanting/expecting from the project - again the fault is with me in that regard, but as this is my blog - my rules.  It will not stop me pledging again for the next album, which is expected to be announced very soon - but out of the three projects (and six discs worth of music), it is the last one I would listen to.  Brilliant cover though.

6.5 out of ten - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

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Here are the videos to "Swimwear" and  "How I Survived The Punk Wars" 

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