21 August 2013

Eureka Machines - Champion the Underdog


It's time for another Eureka Machines review I feel.  Today we tackle the second album, 'Champion the Underdog'.

Being the self-sustainable band that Eureka Machines are, I like to think that Eureka Machines album titles are a message to us fans.

'Do or Die' - We're gonna put this album out, all or nothing, this is our shot.  Like us.
'Champion the Underdog' - Look, we're making a name for ourselves, now get behind us.
'Remain in Hope' - We're starting to gain a proper following, here's hoping our good fortunes continue.

See what I mean?  Or just me then?  It's just the impression that I get from following the mega-talented Chris Catalyst on Facebook/Formspring.  The poor bloke seems less than optimistic about the potential of future of Eureka Machines.

Anyway.  We're doing the second album, 'Champion the Underdog' now.  The title track is the first track.  I like that.  'Champion the Underdog' both urges the listener to get behind the band and sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the album, like a statement of intent.

'These Are The People Who Live In My House' is the Eureka Machines version of 'My House' by Terrorvision.  But possibly better.  Then follows what Catalyst calls "a throwaway lyric" that sounds "a bit like Uptown Girl" in Wasting My Time.  I think he's selling this tune short.  It's awesome, sounds nowt like 'Uptown Girl' and is great live when the whole crowd joins in singing, bouncing and swaying along.

NB:  Go on the Eureka Machines website.  There's lyrics and handy sleeve notes.  Very personal, I love this.  I am fond of rock stars who keep us in the loop, to be fair.

'Magnets' is the perfect pop song, aided by expert strings and piano by Ginger collaborator Willie Downing.  It makes me smile.  Eureka Machines are criminally underrated, this is an epic tale of love lost with the perfect soundtrack.

There's a general theme, admitted to by Chris Catalyst, of Laziness, or "not doing very much" on this record.  'Professional Crastinator' wins my award for awesomest song title, and is unfortunately a very accurate description of my lifestyle at the moment.  It's also over 5 minutes in length, taking forever to make it's point.  Which is probably the point.  I love it.  Great for sitting around procrastinating, and better than my previous favourite procrastination song, 'A Certain Shade of Green' by Incubus. (Who??)

I could explain why I love each song on this album.  I'm not gonna, but it's safe to say this album's getting a 10.  Am I guilty of bias because Ginger told me to listen to this?  Am I wearing musical blinkers?  I don't care.  This band should be bigger than Stereophonics were in their heyday.

The last track I'll mention is 'Beginning of the End of the World'.  It reminds me, oddly or maybe not, of Pulp.  Maybe I'll ask Jarvis to cover it.  It also contains the lyric "Hoses fuck horses".  Honest.

Ok, I'm done.  This album is pure perfection.  It even has 'A Ballad to Finish'.  Sorry.  I had to.

10/10: This is proof that there is a God.

Official Website (Read the biography.  It's delightfully cheeky!)
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