7 August 2013

Creed - Weathered

So this is the final of the revenge blog which has been picked for me by Pete.  To be honest I have to say that overall I think I have gotten away with a lot of things on this blog with the choices that have been given to me - note to self, make the next ones much more evil!  With that said I have not reviewed this one yet.  Creed were/are (not too sure what their current status is) from Tallahassee, Florida and this was their third album and their last one before they broke up due to the classic inter-band issues.  For a lot of people these guys are a sub-par Pearl Jam and the fact they are openly Christian also pisses a lot of people off.  This album does have the first song that I heard from Creed on it, the song was called "My Sacrifice" which was used for a complication video for the WWF/WWE when they were dealing with the Invasion angle with WCW (if you need to know, look it up on Wikipedia, I don't want to fill the page with wrestling).  It was used to a very good effect, but it still did not make me want to listen to their other work.  Was I right or has it been another one of those wrong decisions.

With this band, the fact that they have a Christian background is an issue that cannot be ignored.  For some people who are more interested in worshiping other deities or believe in the void it is something that makes this band hard to swallow.  For me it is not a problem, whilst I am not a Christian in the sense that I believe in a beard in the sky, I have no problem with a band having beliefs and wearing them on their sleeves.  Also, I cannot fault the band for their playing here, Mark Tremonti and Scott Phillips are fantastic players (bass player Brian Marshall was missing from this album as he had been told off by singer Scott Stapp and the rest of the band for saying they were better than Pearl Jam) and given my leanings towards grunge and I have to say that some of this album is really good.  Songs such as "Bullets", "My Sacrifice" and "Freedom Fighter" I have to say that the music is fantastic.

But there is a problem here - Scott Stapp.  Not the fact he sounds like Eddie Vedder a bit, I can handle that. Not the fact he uses ever cliché in the alternative rock book, that is alright too.  The lyrical content - sing about what you want, it could be about making a peanut and jam sandwich for all I care.  It is the tone of his voice, it oozes arrogance and slime to such a level that it makes me feel a little sick in the mouth.  The overall effect of this man and his prescience on the album brings the marking of this down by a few notches.  I cannot explain it, rock stars are supposed to be arrogant and full of themselves; they are meant to show it at times as well - yet this man makes my skin crawl with his delivery and by everything I have read about him in looking this up.  Now after the release and the band splitting up, Tremonti and Phillips got back together with Marshall and formed Alter Bridge with Miles Kennedy. Now whilst Mr Kennedy does not sound a million miles away from Scott Stapp, he does not have the same effect on me.  This is a case of a possibly decent album ruined by one of the members which is a shame.

4 out of ten - Well it is alright, but still......

You can purchase a version of the album from Amazon here

You can visit the Creed website here

You can listen to the album on Spotify here

Official video to "My Sacrifice" (couldn't find the official wrestling one)

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