6 August 2013

ATTIWLTMOWOS Round Table - Live Album blog

Sometimes you wish you could have been there, but sometimes there is a chance to hear what it could have been like.  The live album has been going for years, sometimes they are used to finish contracts, but sometimes they are works of genius in their own rights.

So this is the first in what will hopefully be a long line of group blogs.  For the first group blog I have asked everyone to pick a live album that they liked so we can vote for the ultimate live album as chosen by the team.  Now there have been some notable absentees in this list.  Without giving them the same level of coverage as the ones that made the list, here are the almost made it albums (with links to the Spotify page if available):

Motorhead - No Sleep Till Hammersmith

Pantera - Official Live: 101 Proof

Depeche Mode - 101

Now how and what did we vote for on this list and why did we pick them. I had to choose another three albums to make it a round 10, but I did go for general albums.  I will note who picked what and what the scoring was as well.  Here goes...

10th - Pink Floyd - P.L.U.S.E. - Group choice - Average vote - 4.28 out of ten

This was the recording from the last ever tour from Pink Floyd when they were touring 'The Division Bell'.  The first side of the album was a general set; the second side was 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' plus a couple of live tracks.  Played with grace and fantastically wonder this is a brilliant parting gift from one of the best live bands that ever graced the stage. - Eddie

Joint 7th - Ginger - Grievous Acoustic Behaviour - Luke's choice - Average vote - 4.71 out of ten

Grievous Acoustic Behaviour is a live acoustic Double album by Ginger with help from Willie Dowling. It also features appearances from other Wildhearts like CJ, Danny and Rich Battersby. It’s recorded in a small club in London and you can hear a lot of the crowds banter, heckles and general chit chat. The songs are a mix of Wildhearts songs, Ginger’s various solo things and a few covers. The album starts off with a lot of songs with a bit of banter n between but, as everyone gets drunker, it deteriorates into a lot of banter with a few songs in between. There are quite a few bum notes and flat singing but that doesn’t really matter. This is the only live album that even comes close to making you feel like you’re at the gig. It’s a really fun album, a lot of the onstage banter is hilarious and, occasionally, informative. - Luke

Joint 7th - David Bowie - Live At The Beeb - Helen's choice - Average vote - 4.71 out of ten

A 'posh' sounding young man replies bashfully and very politely to an experienced sounding radio presenter.  It’s all very cute, and then he plays each track - his friends laughing and clapping in the background supporting him.  A unique voice and a quirky approach - there he is - the young Bowie.  Later on in his career he plays to hundreds and thousands - screaming fans - and his liver versions on here are - for me - some of the best.  "Always Crashing In The Same Car" - goose pimples! - Helen

Joint 7th - Frank Zappa - Broadway The Hard Way - Eddie's choice - Average vote - 4.71 out of ten

You see, I don't always win!  This album was taken from Frank Zappa last ever tour.  To say this is a little jem is an understatement.  This album mocks Michael Jackson, Hollywood beauties; it has a version of Murder By Numbers by the Police with Mr Sting himself appearing on stage.  As Zappa albums go, this is just one of the best live records that I have ever heard.  It also has what I consider to be the definitive version of "Outside Now". - Eddie

Joint 5th - Queen - Live Killers - Chris C's choice - Average vote - 5.57 out of ten

This is one of the best live rock albums in history capturing the band at the height of their powers with a truly wankworthy set.  I like it very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very much. Is it teatime yet? - Chris Chaney

Joint 5th - Nirvana - Unplugged In New York - Group choice - Average vote - 5.57 out of ten
As far as landmark performances go, this is out there.  When it first came out, the difference between what the band was doing and this performance could not have been starker.  This is the album that made acoustic cool for the generation x crowd of the 90's/00's.  With covers of David Bowie, The Meat Puppets and Leadbelly as well as some quality selections of Nirvana's own back catalogue, this is one of the best examples of a band at their full powers just before it all goes tits up as Kurt Cobain was dead within the year of it being released. - Eddie

4th - The Wildhearts - The Wildhearts Strikes Back - Pete's choice - Average vote - 5.71 out of ten

In the spirit of actually working, I bring you the reason I chose The Wildhearts Strike Back as my favourite live album. I did so simply because it sounds amazing. It's live, but is either engineered brilliantly, or they are just THAT damn good live. I'll go with the latter.  Recorded in different venues in early 2004, its choc full of expertly played live favourites. What more can I ask for? - Pete

3rd - Slayer - Live: Decade of Aggression - Chris J's choice - Average vote - 6.14 out of ten

Recorded at a few dates on the infamous 1991 'Clash Of The Titans' tour, it captures the band at the height of their powers and is, quite frankly, awesome. - Chris J

2nd - Iron Maiden - Live After Death - Group choice - Average vote - 6.57 out of ten

Considering nobody voted for this to be picked, it has done really well.  Iron Maiden has made far too many live albums recently, to the point where it feels like they are starting to rip off the fans.  However, this was their first release and it was recorded in Long Beach, Los Angles and Hammersmith, London this was recorded on the World Slavery Tour.  This is an example of a band taking no prisoners and sounds as crisp and challenging as the day it was recorded.  Magical and awesome. - Eddie

1st - Led Zeppelin - How The West Was Won - Marc's choice - Average vote - 7 out of ten

It's a crisp and clear live performance and Jimmy Page has worked some production wizardry in making every note heard and it sounds more fresh and even more energetic than before on their original 1973 US concerts. - Marc

So there it is, the live album is one we cannot put up a link for you to listen to but it is one that I think should be purchased.  It is an awesome record and worthy of the ATTIWLTMOWOS Best Live Album Ever.

Update - 29/12/13 - Led Zeppelin have now placed their albums on Spotify and there is now a link to the album!!!  Enjoy!!!

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