8 August 2013

Anthrax - Worship Music

This album marks the return of vocalist Joey Belladonna as it's his first Anthrax album since 'Persistence Of Time' - and he may as well have not fucking bothered. He was never the best or most technically gifted vocalist but he suited the old stuff (Even though John Bush destroyed him) as it was almost a different band back then.

This album is extremely average. Musically, it's very pedestrian compared to other Anthrax albums and quite frankly, this will not do at all. Sure, they were the weakest of The Big Four in the 80's but during the 90's, they were the only one out of the Big Four to retain any musical integrity (Metallica and Megadeth tried to chase the almighty dollar and Slayer released stuff which was good, but not as good as the previous stuff). This was because they sacked Belladonna and got a far superior vocalist. FF to now, and things went tits up and now Belladonna is back.

His vocals are awful. They sound auto-tuned and processed. The music is average at best. The best song is "Fight 'Em Till You Can't" but that's because it sounds like "Gridlock" off POT!

You know how I usually write my blogs as Bibles in that they're all informative and witty banter? Fuck it, not this time. This album is a let-down. Anthrax - improve or split up...

2 out of ten - If only there was some quality control.

Chris J.

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