6 July 2013

Vision of Disorder - From Bliss To Devestation

Now some of you here might have by now figured out that a couple of us on the blog like metal music.  Well, together with that, a couple of us are also into wrestling (WWE, TNA, RoH, Japanese stuff - you know, silly people pretending to fight and fall over). Now once a month most of these companies have Pay Per Views, and back in the early 2000's these guys created music that could have been used for one of these events.  It is that particular section of nu-metal/hardcore metal that was very popular with that type of audience.  This was the band's third release in 2001 and it was their last album until 2012.  Now when this came out, I remember it being played a lot in the flat where I was living.  I have not listened to it since, but came across the name again so decided to see if my opinion of it has changed.

Now what we have here is a blend of the slower groove metal shaping of nu-metal mixed in with some hardcore riffs.  The style has been done a thousand times before and if I am brutally honest, been done a thousand times better.  Nothing to be took away from the performance, but it by numbers compared to the band's first two albums and their first EP as well which were more hardcore records.  This one was when they were trying to jump on that nu-metal bandwagon and they just seemed to fall apart.  A bit like the end of the title track which just seems to fall apart.  Everything just seems a little too safe on here, it is trying to be edgy; yet it is about as cutting edge as a fold of paper.  Songs like "Downtime Misery" is a good example of when they had a good thing going with a slow hardcore build which they ruin with their need to follow the in-crowd.

Out of all the tracks on offer "Itchin' To Bleed" is the closest to their original sound, and it is also a reminder of what they should have kept with, along with the stupidly addictive "Regurgitate" with its hardcore groove, that gets ruined by the chorus - but the rest of the song makes that bearable.  But with this album, it has just stayed the same as when it came out.  It has not aged well, it seems to be aiming for an audience which by that time was dissipating and trying to please everyone whilst not pleasing anyone.  It was not a surprise that some of the members of this group went on to form the completely nu-metal Bloodsimple.  This was the end of the line until recently for Vision Of Disorder.  Frustrating and disappointing - for hardcore VoD fans only.

3 out of ten - Not for everyone but played well

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No official band website, but here is a link to their Facebook

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