18 July 2013

The Creep Void - Apotheosis

There's a general theme going on at ATTIWLTMOWOS as one or two bloggers are reviewing several local acts from up here in the North East and I have encountered upon this group on several Youtube videos on a number of occasions, and I thought to jump on the bandwagon and champion the cause of promoting the local talent. 

So, The Creep Void. They hail from Gateshead and Washington and band members are Barry (vocals), Chris (guitar), Disco (bass) and Mark (drums). They've only existed as an entity since 2011 but already they're stamping their mark on the regional stage by means of gigging in the local venues frequently and improving their stock, as any good band would. The reviews from the social media websites are generally positive and on first impressions personally I think it's only a question of time before TCV reach far beyond their cult status. 

The Creep Void first came to my attention early in 2013 when Not For God's Sake was advertised as a video on Facebook and having watched it, the song made a lasting impression on my mind. It's a tune that I could happily hum to, especially as Barry's vox takes some beating. His ability to comfortably hit the high 'C' without reaching falsetto is an impressive and incomparable trait, especially in the alternative rock medium. The guitar notes and riffs are catchy and the beat runs along a rhythm you might associate with Kasabian, though ideally I shouldn't draw any comparisons with other bands here.

Now onto the album itself, Apotheosis, which was released in December 2012. The precedent is set here with chunky chords and steady progressive drumming in the opening track Harmonarch, while From The Parasite To The Snail lends itself to Nirvana-esque riffs throughout the verses. The acoustic and strings accompanied Plethora features a guest female voice and offers the first signs of slowing down the tone from what is an essentially energetic piece. Next to Not For God's Sake, Lucifer is a favourite of mine as Barry charges in a calm/sudden explosive intro while Chris's guitaring complements the track well. 

The Horror features hints of stoner rock and Stalin Says Go To Church is a lively mini filler with a few extra drumbeats and well disciplined harmonies I enjoy very much. Weak points on Apotheosis? Actually there's not many if I'm honest, maybe I wasn't too enamoured with Let's Dance but I think it'll be a track that grows with you rather than hitting the sixes at first.

In short a very entertaining and enjoyable album which I will be buying myself. Just shows that you don't have to cast your net out far to look for new acts with their own material and The Creep Void are worthy torch holders in a burgeoning North East music scene showing plenty of promise. Remember where you were when you read this. M. Richardson 18/07/2013

9 out of ten. Almost perfect....almost.

You can listen to Apotheosis here on Spotify

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Tracks from Apotheosis are available in MP3 format here on Amazon

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