19 July 2013

Teeth Of Lions Rules The Divine - Rampton

This album has caused a little bit of a debate (with me at least) - what classes an release as an album or an ep?  If you go on numbers of tracks, then this release should be an ep as it is only three tracks long.  However, coming in at over 50 minutes the length of the work is longer than most Naplam Death albums.  After a small discussion, I will be reviewing this as an album - so on with the show.  Teeth of Lions Rule The Divine is one of those pesky supergroup releases, but this time with high ranking officals of the sludge/grindcore/noise elite.  Released in 2002, this is their only record and features Lee Dorrian (Cathedral, Napalm Death) on vocals, Stephen O'Malley (Khanate, Sunn 0))))), Burning Witch) & Greg Anderson (Goatsnake.Sunn 0)))), Thor's Hammer) on guitar and Justin Greaves (Crippled Black Phoneix, Iron Monkey, Electric Wizard) on drums.  Even before you press play, you know that it is going to be a heavy release and will have nothing to do with euro-pop electronica.

What comes out upon pressing play can only be described 50 minutes of bile and evil.  This is no for the weak willed or the happy summers day.  It is for the day when everything goes to shit and you need something to match your mood and anger.  Just the tiles alone make for weird reading - "He Who Accepts All That Is Offer (Feel Bad Hit Of The Winter)", "New Pants & Shirt" and "The Smiler" - somehow the band have a seriously warped sense of humor.  The first track is an obvious piss take of the beloved QOTSA song Feel Good Hit For The Summer and it has nothing at all to do with the original.  It is 29 minutes of noise and feedback which will either delight or annoy.  It could swing either way depending on the mood.  The shortest track "New Pants & Shirt" is somewhere between Black Sabbath and Boris.  This again works and hinders the overall delivery of the piece.  By the time you get to the end of "The Smiler" you either going to be rocking in the corner crying for the bad men to stop, or your going to be on top of a mountain throwning fire and brimstone onto the world - it could go either way.

The thing with this album I have found though, is what makes it great equally makes it annoying.  When your in the mood for this, I find it both exillerating and majestic.  When your not in the mood for it, it is just awful and dire.  If I take everything apart in my mind on this album it works and then doesn't work.  In short, this album is truly diverse as it can make people love and hate it in equal measure.  I want to give this every mark that I have available here it is just beyond harsh in both delivery and style.  Tread carefully upon approach and when the mood takes you, let rip on the world with both barrels.  Wonderfully awful.

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