9 July 2013

Queens of The Stone Age - Era Vulgaris

Sometimes bands release an album you don't really bother yourself with. It has happened to me with Pearl Jam, Elton John, The Doves, Frank Turner and others. It is not that you have fallen out with the band in anyway; it is that you have other stuff going on which is a little more important to you.  This is pretty much how I felt with this album.  I remember it coming out, I remember the glorious video for the lead UK single "Sick, Sick, Sick" and I thought I would listen to this album one day. Then it passed and it became eventually, which became someday.  Then I listened to it and I cannot for the life of me remember my original opinion.  Well, after listening to their new work I have set most of the 'All The Time' team a task of reviewing an album each, as there is only five left I have left out Mr Chaney this time. So here is my contribution - how will it fair this time....

Time has been nicer to this album that my initial listen.  It has improved vastly to these ears - opening twin attack of "Turning On The Screw" and "Sick, Sick, Sick" have the opening fury that comes with QOTSA more harsher moments, following this with the slightly less exciting "I'm Designer" does not help the album for me.  This seems to be a hallmark of the album for me, a moment of fascination such as "3's & 7's" and then they have "Battery Acid" which they have done better before on earlier works.  It is almost like Mr Hyde takes the controls off Mr Jekyll and decides to draw a big scrotum across the wall - very inconstant and that is something I never had these guys down for before this release.

The production on this album by Josh Homme & Chris Goss is as smooth as normal and what I have came to expect, but in a way I wish it was a little different.  I wish for the dirt of the earlier work before 'Rated R' took them to the rest of the world.  Don't get me wrong songs like "Make It Wit Chu" and "Run, Pig, Run" are really good songs, there is just that little bit too much filler here to make this better than average for me.  The playing is still of the standard that you would expect from QOTSA, but the 'painting by numbers' feeling of the work is not what I expected.  They did go on to improve this with their latest release, and as I stated earlier, it is vastly improved for me.  Yet I cannot shake the initial impact which makes me think they were going through the motions a little here.  Disappointing, yet with hope is the strange conclusion I have came to here.

5 out of ten - It could have been a bit better

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