5 July 2013

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

You could say that I came to this album in the wrong order.  It is sort of to my shame (or the sheer amount of albums out there) that I did not listen to this in full till 2012.  However, as I have stated elsewhere - I had other priorities.  Now, Pink Floyd at the time of this release the band had just released what most people consider to be their most fantastic moment 'The Dark Side of The Moon'.  So, how do you follow what is supposed to be one of the biggest ever musical moments ever released? To begin with they fell out with each other to be honest, and struggled to follow what had been an emotional and draining tour. The first few sessions came up with nothing, so what they did was let things go forward to a new and interesting place. 

What we have here is an album exploring obscene, the music business and the mental decline of former band member and principal song writer, Syd Barrett.  The albums main song "Shine On You Crazy Diamonds" is split into two pieces (I-V to begin the album, VI-IX to close the album), the tribute for Barrett who visited the band during the recording of the album and it services as a glorious tribute to their fallen comrade.  Other songs such as "Welcome To The Machine " and "Have A Cigar" deal with Roger Waters' feelings toward the recording industry at the time (some say it is still riddled with the same problems) and in the middle of this you have the title track which brings a sense of closer before the aforementioned second half of "Shine On....".

Because this followed 'The Dark Side Of The Moon', lots of people view it as an inferior release.  I would say this is the better album of the two.  Without wanting to go on about TDSoTM here, it just pales compared to the performances on this album.  Yes, it is a shorter album in some respects and has fewer tracks, but there is no flaw here, there is no point where you want to flick to the next track.  I adore this album from beginning to end.  On the Spotify version which is the expanded addition, you get a few extra live tracks and alternative takes on songs.  If people ask me which Pink Floyd album is the best, or where to start - this is the place. It encompasses everything they ever did and more besides.  If you only listen to one album, make it this one.

10 out of ten - This is proof that there is a God

Here is a link to the different versions of Wish You Were Here

You can visit the band's website here

You can listen to the expanded version on Spotify here

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